It's Fun To Mushin (3-0 Uncommons GNK)

OnTheNightrain 149

Mushin is fun netrunner. Having an ID that lets you Mushin stuff all the time means more fun.

Brought this to a GNK that used MWL 2.2. Went 3-0 with 1 timed win. Will probably tweak the ice suite a bit as Data Loops just kind of sit in hand as this deck doesn't run super rich. Maybe another Fairchild and a Rototurret. Thinking about swapping some combination of IPOs and the Rashida for API-S Keeper Isobel for more consistent money also.

Mind Game is really underrated and did a lot of work in conjunction with Bio Vault to protect agendas. Depending on starting hand you end up putting out a lot of advanced cards or end up jamming a server with an occasional bluff on the side.

Remember that if you use the ID for NGO you can't rez it on the Runner's next turn. BUT if you IAA and agenda the runner may thing you just put an NGO out making it work as a bluff.