Bad Cards Val (aka Level 3 Val) - 2nd, 4th at UK Nats

Seamus 4744

The Process was late in starting for this tournament. We were sure that Reg Val was the best runner and that there weren’t any good morally acceptable corps. As if to confirm this fear, the final three regionals prior to nats were won by prison asset spam decks and Gencon was dominated by CI.

Despite Reg Val being the obviously best deck, it felt inadequate and Chris didn’t stop Tim and I outthinking ourselves. Tim’s panic at the prospect of Gagarin (and the generally high number of strong unique corp cards about) sold us on Rumour Mill. This freed some influence and I suggested that wiping the corp’s board a couple of times in the game might be the simplest solution to problematic ICE and oppressive asset packages. We’d already wasted three days arguing the finer points of mixes of D4v1ds, Datasuckers and Mining Accidents. Setting aside those debates in favour of Apocalypse was pleasing in its elegance.

Ever conservative, Chris was convinced to get on board when I showed him we could keep two Indexing, meaning that the deck plays a mostly reg game with opportunistic resets on the corp’s board. This lack of reliance on the perfectly timed Apocalypse makes playing Zer0 and Clan Vengeance alongside it work. If you draw Apocalypse before it’s beneficial or even possible to use it it’ll likely get damaged from hand but fortunately the deck is still very capable of winning without it.

The list performed well at President of Servers but despite this Tim refused to play it. It was only later that we learned the completeness of his betrayal of The Process. Not only did he not play this list, his reg list wasn’t even the one we’d collectively spent days discussing.

What a complete idiot.

Anyway, he won.

28 Aug 2018 Manadog

I played something very similar for regionals. Cool to see that better players came to a similar end point and had success with it.

28 Aug 2018 creditzathotmail