The Girl with All the Gifts

LynxMegaCorp 1336

(If you like thrillers / psychological horror, check out this movie if you haven't, but don't read up on it beforehand!)

Inspired by Code_Marvelous, decided to create a super-fast Shaper lock using Patchwork.

AYLA's NVRAM cannot be underestimated - consider it a 41 card-deck with 4 semi-random 1 Click tutors. Sometimes I'll use them when my grip has good cards to feed Patchwork.

Cool, janky interactions first!

If you get DJ Fenris and Rebirth early / together, choose Liza (first successful run on a central, draw 2 and take a tag) and Jesminder (avoid the first tag each run) for an awesome draw engine that feeds Patchwork wonderfully (and shores up average draw).

Insight + Deep Data Mining - I'll gladly pay 2 clicks to ensure a successful DDM, also, Insight also lets you time "FTE" and Mad Dash better!

Out of the Ashes + Notoriety; being able to score these to close out games cannot be overlooked!


The chance of getting Patchwork in your opener / NVRAM is pretty high - otherwise, the deck has plenty of tempo cards to help you find it. Play it asap! Install Magnum Opus as soon as you can, even if you don't have access to a Dhegdheer. If you can't save the MU for DDM, just Patchwork them. You'll eventually install a Dheg for one of your breakers so you can fit 2-3.

Pitch Out of the Ashes (OotA) for Patchwork and use them to accelerate tempo (if you get JesLiza early) or enable aggression / Notoriety.

Every breaker covers a large portion of ice - many combinations work, often 2 are enough. This deck is extremely punishing against lightly iced Corps.

Feedback Filter and Misdirection are vital silver bullets - get them into play soon if you know you'll need them.

The strength of this deck is being able to rush reliably and outplay Corps regardless of their plan. Through Insight / Mad Dash / "FTE" and Notoriety, you can ensure you reach 7 points way before the Corp anticipates you doing so.


For me this list could go on for a while, but I'm considering The Shadow Net to forfeit these 1-point cards to for value Day Jobs and recycled DDMs. But there aren't many other targets I'd bother with, so it stays out for now.

I originally included a single The Turning Wheel (before Day Job), but this deck isn't always going to be able to fuel it - when it does, though...

Like I said, could go on a while - feedback is welcome - has done extremely well on so far.

19 Aug 2018 EnderA

This is beautifully refined, there isn't much I would consider changing.

If you want to go harder on the DJ Fenris/Liza combo, Citadel Sanctuary is an option for efficient removal. As long as you stay ahead of them in credits (which seems quite with this hardcore econ package) it should serve the same role as a Rebirth into Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain. It also functions as a silver bullet for a few matchups. Plus you can always pitch it to Patchwork. Higher variance cards are better when you have an alternative use for them.

I question the utility of Day Job when you have Magnum Opus, even with Patchwork. Stimhack gets you far better value. However, that would presume you are making a run that isn't already a run event, and risk cards you're saving in your hand. But as always you can pitch it to Patchwork. How often do you think Stimhack would be useful?

I'm also curious how useful Maven is. It depends on the tempo ratio between you and the corp, along with the specific ICE they employ. The main issue I see is having difficulty determining its efficacy if you're staring down a bunch of unrezzed ICE.

19 Aug 2018 LynxMegaCorp


I'm more than happy to consider a Citadel Sanctuary, especially as a tech card. What to remove? I surprisingly haven't used Insight too often, those might go soon.

That can be a Stimhack, but that burst of credits isn't needed if you're keeping your MO active. Since we mentioned Citadel Sanctuary, maybe that influence could be a Maxwell James? Remote pressure and link!

Maven is the ultimate late-game AI breaker - don't underestimate it.

Thanks for the comment, glad you like it!

19 Aug 2018 Saan

Hah, I've been working on my own Ayla Patchwork deck. I do agree that Ayla is the ID of choice here; getting Patchwork up as soon as possible is really key to the deck's success. If you can fire it once a turn, it's almost as good as Bloo Moose. It really does require a lot of card draw in order to find things to pitch to it, though.

Anyhow, it's cool to see the differences and similarities between our two decks! I might change a couple things up, now having seen yours.

31 Aug 2018 hemraa

@LynxMegaCorp Do you find you have enough draw? It feels like you have to click for cards a lot if you don't get Rebirth and DJ Fenris early (or at all). Would you add Diesel or something else?

Otherwise I really like the deck!