Kill Switch Sol 2.0: The Return

CJ 180

Kill Switch needs to be always turned on to be good. So lets always have it on !

Consulting visit to find it early. Crisium grid is good in the meta Aryabhata and Amani Senai, make the traces stack worse and worse

Have fun slowly grinding down people Brains !

16 Aug 2018 joshimayo

Thanks for uploading this, CJ! Took it out for a spin, did 3 brain damage in three turns. You're helping us live that brain damage dream!

16 Aug 2018 CJ

Note: With 15 minutes shuffles, Kill switch can do infinite Brain damage

16 Aug 2018 joshimayo

Was really looking forward to that, but 15 Minutes was unfortunately sacrificed at the altar of The Shadow Net in 2 of the 3 games I've played with this deck so far...

16 Aug 2018 EnderA

Would it be beneficial to leverage the brain damage into a kill threat? Thoth and Hydra are both options that make tags scary, along with Punitive Counterstrike replacing Stock Buy-Back for an occasional snipe.

17 Aug 2018 JamesWinters

Needs currents 2 and 3 badly (for breaking Estrike). Targeted Marketing and Scarcity are both pretty good, although not the only options. Beanstalk seems suspect, Errand Boy is an underrated ice in tempo decks like this. SEA Source is better than HHN in this deck by far. Also no Macrophage with Aryabhatha Tech?

18 Aug 2018 CJ

The deck needs both money and low influence Weyland cards for Consulting visit, hence the Beanstalk and Stock decisions, I've gone for more of a slow and steady tax, rather than a kill threat, but I'd be interested to see a more kill focused version work.

I'm interested in the opinion that SEA Source is better than HHN. Thats not something I'd have considered !