Spamaswati Project

apfelbaumig 3

So Im trying to get this to work, but with only a very mild success. If anyone has some recommendations how to make this a thing, I would be very grateful. As of right now, the thing is extremely janky and hard to pilot, and it lacks the needed killpower level of PE, so I guess it is like an identity problem of what a saraswati should really attempt to achieve. (Should kill? Should rush? Asset Spam?) Good combos include Neurostasis trap followed by rushing behind some gearchecks, Estelle makes it the asset spam possible, and Mass Comm ist a godsend. Around 4 to 10 creds for 0 cost card? Oh yeah. APIS Keeper is much better than people think, and it makes a ton of money if left uncontested. (contract killer is here beacuse i only got one revised core - whoever put only one ronin there is a cruel bastard) Come on guys, u want to help create a new anti fun deck archetype dont u?

30 Jul 2018 apfelbaumig

oh and jumon is almost impossible to score without mushin...

30 Jul 2018 Mindmonkey

Media Blitz works great with Jumon. This is my take on Saraswati:

30 Jul 2018 Saan

Jumon should be easy to score with just the Saraswati ability; no Mushins needed. First click install and advance with Sara ability, second click, advance, third click advance. Second turn just advance it out.

31 Jul 2018 apfelbaumig

Well the problem is it is 1: enormous tempo hit if ur trying to get this. 2: the only trap that is worth any salt with 3 counters is neurostasis maybe? June makes 6 DMG ok but the runner would just draw up beforehand anyways, cerebral with 3 brain does not lead to kill through neural so u need to continue setting up. I mean the cost of encountering a trap is not that big for the runner so they usually check anyways. Maybe I'm doing it wrong though.