Daruma's Wild Ride

taisun93 8

I find killing runners with traps to be a lot easier when you can pick the server the runner runs and prevent them from jacking out.

To that end the deck's combo is composed of 3 components:

Lock: Labyrinthine Servers Whirlpool

Bounce: ID Daruma

Kill: Cerebral Overwriter Project Junebug

Do your best to set up a lethal trap early (Junebug is preferred) then either shell game or score out a Labyrinthine Servers or set up Whirlpool (against a runner w/o AI).

Eventually when they run some server they'll get 1) locked out of jacking out 2) bounced into the trap server (or have Daruma bring the trap to them) 3) killed by your trap.

Don't put Whirlpool in front of rezzed ETR ice.