Saraswati Spam-a-lot v2

youngoli 27

The general idea of this deck is to rush assets and agendas out with Saraswati's ID ability and Estelle Moon to refill your hand and credits. ICE is partly to keep centrals iced, but partly also to make it hard for a runner's tempo to keep checking your remotes. If you get an early Vanilla or Kakugo you can instead rush out your agenda behind it. Otherwise, Hostile Infrastructure and the threat of Gene Splicer and Project Junebug should make it unappealing enough to run your remotes so that you can sneak out an agenda.

Breached Dome I'm not entirely sure about, but I wanted something to dissuade runners from running Archives, especially with the popularity of Clan Vengeance.

V2 Changes

This version of the deck has a few changes compared to my initial version because I had a chance to slightly test it and noticed that some of my initial choices did not work at all.

I didn't realize that Saraswati's ability prevents you from rezzing until your next turn, which makes it a nonbo with NGO Front and Reconstruction Contract. I replaced NGO with Rashida Jaheem because I needed more draw tempo. I also used the extra influence to bring in some Cerebral Overwriter and an Audacity. I'm also going to be trying out Thimblerig as a gearcheck ice for remotes that can be swapped for a different gearcheck if the runner installs a decoder.

Not sure if econ is alright in this version because I need to play more games with it. If you find that econ needs a boost, I was thinking of swapping the rest of the Viral Weaponizations to Corporate Sales Teams, or for two SSL Endorsements.