Mommy takes Saturday off and goes clubbing

Cpt_nice 1184

My first take on Sunny post R&R. Will probably also do a degenerate version with Power Tap and tag cards, but this is the version that I will probably play for funsies.

Office supplies is a great draw card but you don't want it in your opening hand, as having 8 cards and 3 credits is usually not ideal. You want to play your Maxwell and/or Archivist first and go straight to value town. E-strike is a no brainer, as it is just busted and clears Scarcity (the bane of your existence) for you. I have been a huge proponent of Security Chip + Turtle for ages, as it allows you to steal agendas when the corp least expects it. Dirty Laundry helps to gain counters and is nice burst econ.

The most exciting part of this deck is definitely DJ Fenris. If you happen to draw him early, go into Hayley and save a ton of clicks installing your resources. If you need speed and happen to have your Citadel Sanctuary down already, you can go into Liza TT and get two free cards on a central run. This is especially good if you have your Jak Sinclair down, so that this combo essentially becomes Wyldside Pancakes. Better yet is going into Steve, letting you recur you Sure Gamble, Black Hat, White Hat and Security Chip. It also gives Sunny even more resistance to decks like PU.

I am excited to be playing this deck again and will update it in the upcoming weeks.