Saraswati Spam-a-lot

youngoli 27

Note: Check out my new and (hopefully) improved version of this deck.

I literally just threw this together in an hour and haven't even tested it, but there's a lack of Reign and Reverie decks uploaded right now so I'll throw this out there for casual players.

The general idea of this deck is to rush assets and agendas out with Saraswati's ID ability and Estelle Moon to refill your hand and credits. ICE is partly to keep centrals iced, but partly also to make it hard for a runner's tempo to keep checking your remotes. If you get an early Vanilla or Kakugo you can instead rush out your agenda behind it. Otherwise, Hostile Infrastructure and the threat of Gene Splicer and Project Junebug should make it unappealing enough to run your remotes so that you can sneak out an agenda.

Pop-up Window I ended up including only to fill out my remaining influence and get a little extra money, but I may just replace it with an IPO or Celebrity Gift depending on how it performs.

Breached Dome I'm not entirely sure about, but I wanted something to dissuade runners from running Archives, especially with the popularity of Clan Vengeance.

I'll probably make improved versions of this deck once I've actually tried it and seen other Saraswati decklists.