Mti Jank: Alix T4LB07

Severijn 516

Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved will proc Alix T4LB07 to generate money while installing ice for cheap. Alix can be defended with Mti Mwekundu's ability. Perhaps this might be where janky Alix can shine.

Assets are intended to bait runs which Red Tree's ability punishes. Their other purpose is to be restored through Crick or Architect.

The ice suite is all about allowing free installs with 6 ice (architect, Bloom, Crick, i.e. the ABCs) so that I can build up my servers quickly while spending relatively few clicks actually placing ICE. The other ICE either stops or taxes the runner. The traps are in there because Sand Storm is ridiculous in MTI Mwekundu. It's just another Nisei Mk II Token. Sadaka is just a card I want to learn more about. This seemed like a good spot for both as my ABCs also reinstall spent traps.

The agenda suite is a little out there. No Obokata Protocol because I originally tried this deck with Estelle Moon until I realized that she doesn't proc on ice installs. I am sticking to SSL Endorsement because it's just a good card, and I don't do enough damage to stop Obokata steals. I am also a little concerned with the amount of money that this deck generates. Viral Weaponization was originally Corporate Sales Team, but I wanted to try out the new agenda from Kitara. The agenda has been impressing me thus far. Mti can make a window where the runner doesn't really want to try and attack my servers because of my ability, or because they don't want to ruin their economy for 2 points in the mid-game. Viral weaponization snipes their entire hand, which means it kills all their spicy run events, or gotcha cards, combos and currents. This seems to buy me more tempo than the Corporate sales team does.

I don't have much experience with Mti, but I can say that you should play your first turn as if your opponent is holding employee strike, because that card is your bane. And it is everywhere.

The deck is still an early draft and far from optimized. Things I am currently thinking about:

Any suggestions welcome.

16 Jun 2018 Severijn

First update made: -2 SSL Endorsement, +2 Obokata Protocol.

The datapikes are just a little too weak in strength, but I still like it as my end the run early ice to protect a vital asset. Sandburg has thus far won me one game, and in two others it was not useful. Should perhaps be a third NGO Front...