Plague Doctor

amavric 1418

25 May 2018 moistloaf


25 May 2018 cripplingselfdoubt

Some questions:

-Has this been tested and if so how much?

-How fast does it go on average?

-How did you feel whilst playing it?

-How did the Corp feel whilst playing against it?

26 May 2018 Sarmatian

What are your thoughts on using that last influence for a Utopia Shard?

28 May 2018 Nordrunner

re @moistloaf

28 May 2018 amavric

@cripplingselfdoubtI've been testing this one a fair bit (a dozen or so games), and it has a pretty positive win rate. The deck can start putting on pressure rather quickly, and if you have a good opening hand (Laguna Velasco District and an econ card), you're off pretty fast. It actually feels great to play - it's not entirely about spamming Contaminate on Gravedigger. With access to Deep Data Mining, replayable through The Shadow Net, you can ensure that the corp won't be drawing an agenda for a couple turns. This buys you more time to set up, and then you can prepare your Contaminates to either mill key cards you don't want the corp to draw, or trash fresh new cards when they come up. Being able to click for 9 is also really sweet against ICE like Endless EULA, assets, or the tag threat. I haven't been able to play against it, but Corps definitely feel that they need to rush fast.

@Sarmatian Utopia Shard is definitely a cool idea. I think I'll test it out by dropping a copy of Same Old Thing. It's going to be hard to pay the 7 up front, but early game, corps don't generally ICE up HQ against Shapers.

28 May 2018 Cluster Fox

Andrej, this is the most fun I've had playing a Netrunner deck in MONTHS. This deck has legs, it's GOLD I TELL YOU. Kudos for the idea, love it.

28 May 2018 Cluster Fox

I streamsniped it on Thursday and I've been having a ball with it since :D

29 May 2018 ayyyliens

This deck is annoying! Time to slot macrophage again!

30 May 2018 exe_cutable

Been having fun with it too, but not as good of a pilot :D I reckon you don't need levy. If the game is not over by the time you used 6 contaminates, something went bad. Slotted Utopia Shard as suggested.