Life and Death v2

DrunkAlex 328

My Jinteki netdamage deck. This theme might be a hard one to pull off, but I love the idea of a Jinteki hospital that looks great on the outside, but once you step in, it's nothing but death for the intruder.

Played 5 games with it till now. Won 4. 3 of which were flatlines.

The main issue up till now is ICE and economy balance. This deck only has 12 pieces of ice, which is the absolute minimal, even with a 44 card deck. Also this deck has a lot of agenda's, something I also have to tweak with. I've added Shiro as a agenda protector. Tollbooth, archer and Tsurugi are my remote agenda protectors. Private contracts I often leave unprotected. I'm thinking about switching it up for operation economy.

This deck will undergo a lot of changes coming weeks and any feedback will be great. Till now it has been great fun, but 1 or 2 errors and it's game over.