Snow Fort

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This snow fort can repel any attack



Critical acclaim for this deck:
"Is this a meme deck?" - @vinegarymink

TL;DR: This deck isn't winning anything big in the near future, but I had fun playing it and maybe you will too.

The goal here is building up an impenetrable snow fort on your centrals and one remote.

Stick agendas in your remote, most of them help you recover economically as an effect of being scored (and Vitruvius is just good). Bifrost is not a meme, a 3/1 that can trigger Sales Team or CFC is pretty good. OK, it's a bit of a meme.

As mentioned in the comments, Remote Enforcement goes straight in here, 3x, probably at the expense of CFC. Another good Bifrost target too.

Between agendas, stick Marilyns or Adonis in the remote. Don't be afraid to trash an econ asset if you're stable and an agenda has showed up. DBS helps you find econ/agendas that you're looking for.

Hedge Fund is good econ, although I could see a little more in this list, maybe IPO or pseudo-econ Jinja (you will spend a lot on installing ICE).

ELP and Austerity make it real annoying to run against bioroids (spoiler: there's a bunch). Austerity coming with the nice benefit of letting you score a 4/2 from hand.

Shipment from Tennin lets you score a Vitruvius/Bifrost from hand when the Runner takes a turn off from running, which is hopefully inevitable. It also lets you score an unadvanced 4/2 from the table if that's what you're about.

ICE-wise: whole lotta bioroids. You should always rez one when your ability fires, there are plenty that are free for Architects of Tomorrow and you don't care about the Runner knowing what any of the cheaper ones are really. Ravana is in the discussion for best ICE in the deck, it's great. FC3 is your restricted card, of course.

Let's talk about The Fairest Child. This thing is a monster scoring window. It's hella expensive, but you are basically guaranteed a couple of turns after rezzing it when the Runner just isn't going through it. Use them well!

Architect is amazing for you if the Runner starts running on click 1 unprepared.

Shout-out to Alexis Spicer whose lovely alt-art (which I won as a bonus prize at the Bristol Store Champs) was the inspiration for me trying out this ID at all. I wanted an excuse to use it.

Also: this deck is legal, NRDB you troll. -3 Vitruvius, +3 Vitruvius

23 May 2018 emilyspine

Valuetown, population johno

24 May 2018 beyoken

Snow Fort - every one of my decks ever

24 May 2018 Popeye09

The one downside with Fairchild (the one without a number) is that it turns out that Laamb has the exact numbers that it would have if you specifically designed it to break Fairchild. And Laamb seems to be really popular at the moment. Which is annoying.

25 May 2018 Protikon

Have you considered Remote Enforcement in this?

25 May 2018 emilyspine

The Fairest Child is extremely annoying to break

25 May 2018 johno

So this deck is actually like a month old but I only recently published it for someone who was looking for a fun HB glacier build.

@Popeye09 It hasn't faced Laamb, and that could be a problem for Fairchild. It has become quite popular, but the strength of this deck is in the code gates really.

@Protikon Remote Enforcement is a great new HB agenda for this archetype, and yes I think it immediately goes into a deck like this, probably replacing CFC Excavation Contract rather than Corporate Sales Team. Project Vitruvius is too good to cut really.

25 May 2018 ExtraC

Make sure you pack your purple sleeves!

26 May 2018 Sixtyten

This looks ace. Well done on deck of the week

28 May 2018 binnet

Why does it say: "This decklist is not legal for tournament play currently, due to Card Errata, Rotation or the Most Wanted List." at the top of this page?

29 May 2018 lunchmoney

@binnet that not legal flag is due to the rotated Project Vitruvius being chosen over revised core Project Vitruvius. If you copy it into your own deck list and then hit the edit button a flag will come up to swap them around.

Illegal decks can be avoided by unticking the rotated packs (in the selection submenu) when building a deck.