Won't you please step on Snek? v.3

cripplingselfdoubt 327

Mwanza City Grid is stupid and I love it.

Sorrynotsorry for the deck name.

Edit: having now watched @codemarvelous and @sanjay play the deck (link here: www.twitch.tv/videos/260119822) I figured I'd record a little about the list. Thanks gents for taking the time to display this travesty of deckbuilding logic.

-I should have put a note in the original description that the Mwanza/Kitsune interaction wasn't implemented (explaining to opponents that they're dead is mutually awkward and a little rude).

-It was designed as jank because I wanted to mess around with Mwanza.

-The choice of ID was indeed largely for its own sake, though v.1 had Mind Game as another way of trying to smash someone into a Kitsune.

-It's incredibly rough around the edges- I never tried to tune it in any of the three versions I made, it just went though big overhauls.

-I can't recall why I went for Distract the Masses over Genotyping.

-Should have a Cobra in it both for the deck name and the fact it's got Batty.

-I reserve the right to be bitter as hell that they managed to go 4-0 on stream when my own winrate was about 20%.

What sparse gameplay tips I learnt:

-Hacktivist makes you sad.

-If going for a remote, Chrysalis goes on the inside.

-Runners tend not to steal an Obokata you show them with Chrysalis or DNN, despite there being no other threat (I'd try and do that to keep max Snares in hand).

-Lockdown->Orchestra is the best thing ever for Aiki and your credit pool.

-Runners that cotton on will just clear out HQ early and remove the threat. They do however tend to end their turn with at least one tag, so maybe tag punishment would be a viable idea? Not really given it any thought.

-Don't use Distract the Masses to thin your deck early before you find Mwanza/enough ways to accumulate critical Snare volume.

-Don't put Aiki in front of Obokata in a remote.

-Don't forget the above point.

-Learn to count and anticipate I've Had Worse; prioritise Lockdown one them over breakers if they can recur their deck and you're going for the kill (yes, really).

-This deck sucks versus Khumalo, to name but one runner.

-Try to end every turn with only four cards in hand.

-If you play late at night using a screen dimming app, Kitsune and Chrysalis look identical, and this can lose you games.

11 May 2018 yads

Probably Medical Research Fundraisers are better than GLCs for pure money since we don't care about the runner's credit total.

11 May 2018 cripplingselfdoubt

@yadsthe first version did have Medical Research Fundraiser- you're right that it fits how the deck plays. I can't recall now why I dropped it. I guess I thought I had enough cash?

15 May 2018 Eji1700

I've always found pop up to be very very good in any psi deck. Put it in the front of a server to ensure you've always got at least 1 to bluff with.

4 Jun 2018 Shiiuga

Thoughts on Bacterial Programming over TFP? It sucks to just lose the points but it filters the Snare!s up a lot quicker.