"Infinimem" Terminal Directive Campaign + Core - Shaper

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mionisation 35

For playing the TD campaign with 1x Revised Core. Play your icebreakers, Magnum Opus on Dheghedeer or Dinosaurus, install lots of +Memory cards, boost Memory breakers. Dig deep with DDM.

EDIT: I forgot that I also included nonrotated cards from 1x Old Core, woops. If you have only 1x Revised Core, do these changes:

  • -1 Stimhack, - 1 Sacrifical Construct, - 1 Diesel

  • + 1 Dean Lister, + 1 The Maker's Eye, + 1 Careful Planning

4 May 2018 BlackCherries

I've never played the TD campaign so I don't know if it gives you extra copies but RC only comes with 1 copy of Stimhack I'm pretty sure :(

You also only get 1 Sacrificial Construct and 2 Diesel.

4 May 2018 mionisation

Hi @BlackCherries, you are absolutely right. I keep forgetting I got 1x Old- and 1x Revised Core mixed up, lol. I will add a clarification. Thanks for the heads up!