Double Threat Azzie

Tunguska_Lore 41

I came up with this Azzie deck that uses some of the foundations of @TheBigBoy 's Azmari Rush deck and then some. I wanted to be able to transition to the mid-late game if the rush plan doesn't quite work out and give the corp an extra win condition.

I included the SEA Source/EOI package to get back those delicious GFI's. Also opted for the two DBS instead of the Rashida Jaheem's to better protect the agendas.

The deck really allows you do do some cheap exchanges because of all the economy threats presented to the runner. Amani Senai, DBS and Jeeves are must-trash assets that really drain the runner's credits. Also, it synergizes well with the ICE suite of Tollbooth's and EULA's.

I would like to include the Ash's in this deck but my irrational fear of Indexing is preventing me to take out at a Miraju. It's a preference though--there is definitely room for some creativity here.

Overall, I really like the deck. It has the same consistency as @TheBigBoy's rush with a backup plan in case things go awry.