CutLatery (Making Shaper Great* Again)

Baa Ram Wu 866

Let's make Shaper great* again

This deck started out as an experiment into how much I could abuse Harmony AR Therapy and ended up being a deck that I’ve had a lot of fun with, decent win-rate (currently 77% in 100+ games) and takes shaper in a direction they do not usually go in (currently) allowing for a very run heavy, pressure-based game.

Let talk about Harmony – a card that (quite rightfully) doesn’t see much play, as its tempo negative and the 5 DIFFERENT cards clause really limits it compared to its Anarch relative. There are 2 in the deck so we can happily discard the first one and Harmony it back (or recur 1 of 2 lost ones using Dj Steve )

Going through the card pool the most cohesive group of differently named cards that are both powerful and worth recurring is imo the Cutlery. (You should aim to not play a Harmony until you have at least 2 pieces of cutlery to recur) This brings us onto the lynchpin of the deck…

Pelangi – One of my favourite cards, this not only allows some incredibly efficient breaking options (Anansi for 4c with clip, 10st Surveyor for 5c with Unity etc) but allows us to fully utilise which ever piece of cutlery we have to hand at the time.

Pre-paid VoicePAD – The aim of the deck is to get away from the long set up shaper playstyle so we don’t have time/mu for rezeki, Prepaid gives some vital drip to keep us economically stable, 2 is the right number for the deck and you should usually only install 1.

Telework Contract – Is worth mentioning as it is a great tool for activating Lat, leave it around until a turn where you have already matched handsize and have a click left.

Dj Fenris – A decent amount of matchups you will be Djing for Steve Cambridge to apply additional HQ pressure however certain matchups (especially Weyland with advanced Akhets) you will get more millage out of Dj Quetzal (who can also be great when you have access to Pelangi)

Conduit – Our win con, and a card that is usually not great in shaper – but very powerful once we’ve destroyed all the ice guarding R&D. Most of the time I would recommend discarding the conduit so you can install from the bin at instant speed and for a discount with simulchip once you have destroyed some R&D ice

Deep Dive – A card that wasn’t out when I created this deck but one that would fit in fairly easily. Anything that shuffles the deck is good when Conduit is your main win con, and this can be a nice closer (even without much support) and another card that is worth recurring – I would slot a maximum of 1x and drop to 2x Daily Casts

Ika – does have a small nonbo with this list as you don’t usually want to trash ice that Ika is installed on – therefore where possible use Pelangi +clip/unity to deal with sentries where possible and come back to destroy them with cutlery. Ika is a great back up though and 0c instal that boosts Unity’s efficiency

Plan your turn – The Classic Netrunner rule but significantly applies here – you should be able to trigger Aniccam and Lat 1ce a turn for most of your turns you also want to make the most of your recurring prepaid credits – do you need to play that gamble for +4c now? or can it wait for next turn where it gains you 5-6c and a card draw?

Final piece of advice – Just because you can destroy all the ice protecting a server doesn’t mean you always should – focus on the pieces you can’t get through efficiently (or are named Border Control)– having a surprise piece of cutlery in hand to play is usually better than clearing a final Hagen/Ip block that you break for 2c.

*By playing this deck Baa Ram Wu does not guarantee shaper will be great again, any incidences of shaper greatness are purely coincidental. Shaper win rate is subject to change. Please consult your local shaper player for balance before changing faction.

14 Mar 2022 gilesdavis

Pelangi is so hot right now.

I think you should definitely drop a clock for a Deep Dive. Hopefully we can get this to DotW for some Andrej shaper hilarity <3

14 Mar 2022 bowlsley

Lovely! I had a very similar idea a few months back, but never felt particularly comfortable piloting it, and then it got wrecked by CtM at the pub so hard that I unsleeved it nearly immediately lol. Glad to see someone doing much better with it!

15 Mar 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@gilesdavis That would be great - but I hope this is actually a shaper deck Andre could get behind - it's run heavy and we both agree on Pelangi + Paperclip being shapers 'best icebreaker' - so fingers crossed.

15 Mar 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@bowlsley CtM is one of the worst matchups as to gain tempo (by trashing ice) you have to lose tempo and no clot means you need to respect San San's which is rough for sure.

I did originally build this list around Engolo (like your build) but I found that the install cost, 2mu and fact that it's just not an efficient breaker in the currant meta all made it the wrong option.

I do like the Tao ability here though - I did have rebirth at one point for Tao and even Cordyceps in an early version to move problematic ice that I couldn't break (mainly Afshar & Akhet)

15 Mar 2022 ayyyliens

Maybe you could cut fenris/2 deuces. Add in 3 vrcations (honestly works pretty well if you have harmonies as backup). With the freed influence you could add Imp and improve the ctm matchup.

16 Mar 2022 sirivanhoe2

Nice deck. To combat CTM/Gagarin I've always wanted to try marathon + aeneas informant. Let's you check everything and with harmony you can get it back if you run into any spin doctors.

16 Mar 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@ayyyliensto be honest against CtM deuces is one of the strongest cards here - the ability to clear a tag whilst gaining tempo is huge. I don't mind VRcation at all but have found its more draw than is needed in this deck.

@sirivanhoe2its a fun combo, but worth bearing in mind you need at least 2 informants down before your breaking even against Gagarin - and you will always find at least a few things you really want to trash. I do miss the days of By Any Means + Paparazzi + Marathon though!

17 Mar 2022 Diogene

You had me at "shaper great"! Amazing list, this will be fun! Thanks for sharing.

19 Mar 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Thanks @Diogene! I hope you enjoy playing it. Looks like I got it in just before the barrage of Deep dive combo shaper started!