Fury Road Reborn, Blizzard Edition (5-1 1st @ OtG)

Ajar 1605

I've been playing this deck off and on since I brewed it for King of Servers 2017. I didn't perform too well there, but I was convinced the deck was good, so I kept it around.

For basic strategy, see my original writeup. Not too much has changed.

  • Peace is a lot better than Career Fair at rebounding from low credit totals.
  • The third Wanton has proven its worth many, many times.
  • Amped Up is a bit worse than Stim Dealer in this, since I like to hold cards in hand for after Apocalypse -- another Eater, a Chop Bot, DDM, Wanton, etc... but having three SOT Apoc enablers is important.

Many thanks to the fellow MaxX fans in #maxxclub on Stimhack Slack for helping me pin down those last few slots!

When Mead Hall didn't get an official Store Championship this season, we decided to host our own event: the Off the Grid Community Championship. We organized a ton of prize support and managed to get 16 people to turn out during the worst April blizzard here since 1953.

We had a special rule in place for this event, the Hunter Seeker bounty. Anyone who beat either me or @theBigBoy won their choice of meanlady alt art IDs. However, @theBigBoy didn’t make it due to the snow, so @gh0st_b1rd stepped up to be the second target. I brought 5 extra decks and stuck around between rounds to make sure anyone who wanted to challenge me could do so. I also used decks for the main event that I thought were fun but weren’t necessarily top tier: this deck, which is good but I thought might struggle with Bio Vault decks (I was wrong), and an updated version of @theBigBoy’s Battle of Wits CI that I'd been playing and having a blast with for about a month.

I figured I’d lose some games on account of not having the best decks, and running out of gas from not taking breaks… but I was wrong.

Round 1: Mitchell on SSO

Not much ice to be seen after a Corp mulligan, so I poke for accesses, money up, and eventually am so rich that I can just eat 5 meat + 2 tags to the face from a Casting Called City Works with Dedication Ceremony advancements. Eventually DDM wins the game.

Round 2: @sray on Titan

Wanton nets me an Atlas, which slows the game down considerably. Later Wantons hit both Audacities, and with so many fast advance tools in the trash, I don't think Titan has any outs left... but I'm wrong, and Shipment from Mirrormorph -> Reconstruction Contract -> Dedication x2 scores a GFI from hand to win from 4 points.

Round 3: @johnpav on CtM

I eat one HHN to clear out Bankers, but Wanton Destruction hits the other two and an EOI… and then Apocalypse clears the board. CtM rebuilds with Booths on a remote and R&D and plenty of other ice out, making Apoc a real challenge. I sniff out a GFI in the remote, though, and steal it the the old fashioned way before closing out the game with Rebirth into Omar to snipe the last points from HQ.

Round 4: @tundinator on Bio Vault PE

Cut round 1: @kalennoreth on 6 agenda Azmari

Cut round 2: @tundinator on Bio Vault PE

All three of these games were streamed, and you can see my run starting from round 4 on @dragoonkin's Twitch. (Direct link to start of round 4.)

I Corped first in the finals and won, so I didn’t get a rematch against the Azmari, but I think that's a pretty favourable matchup for this deck.

All in all, I'm still very happy with this deck. It's a ton of fun to play, and pretty skill testing for both players. If you like very interactive, back and forth games, and you like blowing shit up, give it a shot!

16 Apr 2018 Cliquil

I've been running with something very similar and you're right about how much fun this kind of deck is. The main difference is that I've not found a lot of value in Eater vs the regular breakers, but I'm also curious about your Hacktivist inclusion. What's it helped you with in particular? Is it just telling Scarcity to go away?

16 Apr 2018 Ajar

Hacktivist serves several roles:

  • It's more accesses, and with Eater as my main breaker, I really need every access I can get.
  • It pairs very well with Wanton. 3 Wanton + 3 Hacktivist is a ton of HQ pressure.
  • It slows down asset spam decks, which otherwise can sometimes build their board faster than I can set up to Apocalypse. CtM in particular wants to hold HHN / EOI / Psychographics in HQ, and Hacktivist makes them a lot more reluctant to rez PAD Campaigns.
  • It punishes upgrades, so I at least get some benefit when an NGO or Bio Vault gets rezzed.
  • I already have a lot of cards I like to keep in my grip in this deck, so a current that I can usually just play out when I draw it is great given that having three currents is basically necessary to deal with Scarcity.
  • It's the most impactful non-situational current that's available for 0 influence. Rumor Mill is blank against a good portion of the Corp field, Interdiction has to be properly timed and costs a click on the turn you want to play Apocalypse, etc.