Mono Scarsity Counter

enkoder 536

I play a lot of Shaper which means as of late I have been playing a lot of resources as econ. I lost too many games to Scarsity of Resources and got fed up. So I made this silly deck which started as "how can I win by not installing resources"?

This deck actually works pretty OK. Load up your NVRAM with EC, Monolith, and same goes for the mulligan. I have won games with this deck not hitting the combo, but I have also gotten the nuts draw of end of turn two having Monolith, Savant, Mopus installed on two Dhegdeers.

Typically you only need Maven but in various matchups you'll also need the other smartie pants breakers, i.e. weyland matchups you'll need Savant to break Hortum.

21 Mar 2018 TyrellCorp

Overmind could get 6 counters if unused MU is the main idea here