Fridays are for Digging Graves

pj20 1454

I have been working on this deck since Friday Chip was spoiled. It’s got plenty of room for improvement, but I’ve been having a blast playing this. Plus, you get to actually use those Store Championship Virus tokens, so there’s that.

This deck has been described as “Terrifying”. You can strike fear into your opponent’s heart without even running!

The obvious goal is to draw as much as you can and get your Gang Signs, Friday Chips and Gravediggers out. If you’re lucky you’ll get 2x Progenitor out first (1 for Gravedigger, 1 for Imp). Then the fun begins.

Virus Breeding Grounds and Incubator just tick up every turn while your opponent debates purging. They will purge and it will be fine. More time to set up and make money.

If you need to run, DDoS is your early game friend. Throw down a DDoS and an Imp and go trash that agenda! Stealing it is for suckers. Imp that ish and get your Friday Chip counters. Then put your counters on Gravedigger. NGO? Bluffed trap? Even better. Let them trash a card and give you Gravedigger counters.

Gang Sign will prevent them from scoring while flooded. But hey, if they do give you free accesses, it’s either Hammer Time! or Imp Time or Agenda Scoring time. Turntable will also mess with their dome.

Late game you just click to mill. Make sure to always keep 1 counter on your Progenitor-ed Gravedigger so you can move counters on there from Virus Breeding Ground if you want. Get the Hades Shard installed as early as you can (or hard install it if they see what you’re doing). Then when they threaten game-point, pop it and Turntable the score back in your favor.

There is a copy of each heap breaker if you’re into that. So go nuts!! Turn some tables, dig some graves, Imp some ish! Just let them do all the work for you.

12 Mar 2018 LynxMegaCorp

Probably a card slot thing, but Spoilers would be painful, too.

12 Mar 2018 BlackCherries

Same thing with slots but Acacia is definitely looking for a home in this deck.

14 Mar 2018 Xh4rx4d

Interesting in theory, but unless you're going against asset spam, you're not going to trash enough installed cards to warrant 3x Gravedigger. Acacia is needed. You don't have enough money to get through a glacier.

15 Mar 2018 eXister

Somebody must to tell the Truth - Friday Chip says 'You trash' but Gravedigger says 'Corp trash' - I was hurt by that too, but they don't comboing together :(

15 Mar 2018 spooork

@eXister Gravedigger says, "Whenever an installed Corp card is trashed..." meaning when either runner or corp trash it, so it does combo.

17 Mar 2018 Zenit

@spooork I think @eXisterrefers to the trash from the top of R&D. Friday doesn't trigger there because the corp is the one trashing it.