Sick of Light

x3r0h0ur 8583

Plan B and Mushin No Shin antics. Archer and wraparound to hold down the fort, guard to block out inside jobs on the early game. Profiteering gets you lots of cash for little heartache The ice are binary anyway, the difference of 1 credit and 0 (bad pub) is so little, I'd rather just have the bucks, except for archer. Kind of a blitz deck.

So Mushin plan b, if they run it, score the agenda from hand, if they don't trick off it for the next 2 turns :) Winner all around.

2 May 2014 bubo

I knew that someone would put together this style of deck, and I'm not surprised it's x3r0h0ur. This deck contains a solid concept.

Why run Archived Memories over Reclamation Order? Pulling back 2-3 Hedge Funds, Mushins, or ToLs seems worth the extra credit and click.

Do we really need 3x Plan B and 3x Caprice? I usually pull a copy of a card during Phase 1 if I bump it down to 2x, and I've never used a third Plan B or needed a third Caprice. I'd prefer see the third slot on each going towards card draw instead.

What are we digging out with Fast Track that warrants the expose? At 25% of the deck, Agendas should be turning up regularly enough to not need the added pull unless we want something specific. I can see an argument made for Philotic Entanglement, but honestly I just don't see Philotic being consistant enough to warrant additional supporting slots unless Shi.Kyu or Chairmans are in play. Although it would be a nice surprise for a Notoriety player.

2 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

AM is less of a dead draw early, you're pulling back MNS or ToL or even Plan B. You only need 1 copy of each, and I'm way less sick to see AM early than reclamation order. I'm just a bigger fan of it. Since its just 6 points to win, I think you won't need 2-3 copies.

3x plan b and caprice are to ensure they're drawn, even if you have to discard some, they're super important to the gameplan.

Fast track is mostly to go snag the 3rd medical breakthrough to close out the game. Basically a gambit of "Okay, I'm winning next turn, come hit HQ and try to win" HQ defense permitting of course (archer). Also to tutor up clone retirement to turn on archers, and scrub bad pub if you score an early profiteering. Philotic is just a 3rd braintrust that does something basically.

2 May 2014 bubo

nod I can't argue with that logic. Good build, x3r0h0ur, and I look forward to the evolution of this deck.

2 May 2014 falseidol

Here's my thought, I might rearrange my agenda density to best accommodate a 6 point win, and also interact more with your core concept. Unorthodox Predictions can be used with Mushin No Shin to gamble a 1 pointer into scoring out 4 points if you IAA a 5/3 on your turn, then Mushin no Shin a plan B that the runner is bullied into checking, hopefully scoring out a Braintrust or a Philotic for the win. I think that's a vicious 3 turn win, and better uses the ID to score as few agendas as possible. My gut feeling is you shoot yourself scoring so many 1-pointers (because it makes the amount of agendas scored to win less meaningful)

3 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

Sure, the agenda layout is subject to testing the most, I think the ice layout and operations are 90% there. If I had to make changes to the agendas I'd probably scrub a profiteering and 1 clone retirement into a braintrust and use the slot for....not sure.

Shikyu's in this ID are pretty sick. I have a 6x3 pointer layout in another build, if you take just 1 shikyu you now have to score a whole other 3 pointer over the corp :)

3 May 2014 casusev

Been running a version of this, and really liking it so far after only a couple games. Only having to get to 6 points, and scoring small agendas so quickly, really puts pressure on the runner. And that can cause some reckless play.

I splashed in an Aggressive Secretary to support the binary ice.

Thanks for the deck idea!

4 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

It started with 2 cereberals and 3 Junebugs that way was more bluffy, but i felt like it went on too long. Maybe I'll cook up a kill you version.