Trash the Meta (1st Place Dogs of War Undefeated)

Jandersoncad 1015

Public Service Announcement: Dean Lister + Aumakua is dumb. That is all.

I brought this deck because I guessed there was going to be alot of Jinja. The two card combo above really invalidates the Jinja towers. Then when you combine it with Pol Op + Interdiction its backbreaking. I played vs 2 Jinja AoT decks and a NBN Door To Door Deck.

Most backbreaking game was round one vs AoT when my opponent installed, installed, credit. Then I Drew, Corporate Grant, Tech Trader, Tech Trader. The beginning of the game I kept them at 4-6 credits because they didn't see economy so then they can't score out to stop the current. This let me get to my set up. Then just won before even needing Levy.

Special Thanks to Catherine and Holly for giving advice on Geist and helping me out.

4 Mar 2018 emilyspine

Congrats Jamie, nice to see the reflection/DDM combo coming back

5 Mar 2018 Kelfecil

Congrats Jamie! PEW PEW! :D