Deep Wu

Tunguska_Lore 41

Here's a little twist on Kabonesa Wu's synergy with Origami. I saw someone in Jinteki play it with Ekomind and I thought it was a very interesting choice to partner it with Deep Data Mining so I tried my hand in it.

Felt like the Spy Cam + Tech Trader econ engine took up too much time so I decided to play Kabonesa like Sunny on steriods and take advantage of the huge drawing power of Game Day by using Data Folding and Underworld Contact instead to set up. It still takes a while but I find it to have more consistency.

Adept is my fracter/killer of choice because it just synergizes so well with the huge card draw. It also hoses Jinja servers and kill decks that seem to be sprouting up again in the meta.

Redundant breakers to negate early scoring windows and so that you wouldn't feel bad when you actually use the I.D.'s ability.

Strategy is just your good ol' fashion Netrunner: setup the econ, draw, and run.

16 Feb 2018 vor_lord

If you hit a Komainu with 10+ cards in hand, you'll be very sad indeed. If you don't have the credits to break them, not only do you lose your hand, but you lose all your programs. Maybe GS Shrike M2, making room by swapping your unicorn from Employee Strike to Film Critic?

16 Feb 2018 EnderA

Or Brahman. 2-for-1 breaking is pretty efficient and works for Ashigaru as well. It can just replace Atman.