Bakaru 252


"Minimalism is not a lack of something. It's simply the perfect amount of something." -Nicholas Burroughs

A lean and mean deck that doesn’t use Lean and Mean. Everything can be setup within turn two or three typically. Why waste time, money, and clicks installing a bunch of fancy schmancy programs when you can go minimalist and do just as good if not better. Also, there are 48 cards because it’s easy to burn through the deck pretty fast.

Starting hand you’re looking for a Peace in Our Time, any of your other needed parts are ‘nice to haves’ but not as important as that sweet sweet start-up money turn one.

Use KW’s ability to pull out all three SMC to install all three of your Origami. Then if not in hand draw up install either Ekomind or Tyson Observatory to tutor Ekomind out.

Game Day up to your max hand size of 14, get an Overmind and a Dean Lister installed and you’re good to Deep Data Mine the Corp into oblivion.

I don’t think I’ve played a Shaper deck that can setup this quick and be so effective right out of the gate. Kabonesa Wu is a force to be reckoned with.

I'm always open to comments and different ideas, in this case I'd be curious to know if there's anything that I'm missing that could streamline it even more than it already is.

Other notes:

Should go without saying but only ever install Data Folding with Career Fair.

System Seizure is a last resort backup in case Dean Lister are all used up and not coming back.

Savant is there in case of impassable AI hate.

If you need to Levy... yes, with only Ekomind all programs installed would have to go in the bin since the mem would go to zero for a sec. However, just be sure to get all three of your Cyberdelia installed by the time you get to the end of your deck and all you’ll likely have to trash is an Overmind which can be easily replaced.

Updates Since Posting:

I stand by my original list as a highly effective deck, but admittedly had a few gaps defensively.

Tried out a few of the suggestions mentioned in the comments. Wasn’t crazy about using Dyson Mem Chip and Underworld Contact over Career Fair and Data Folding to many other things need to happen to get the drip going and it lost some of the streamlinedness. But I liked the Dr. Lovegood suggestion for turning off Ekomind when needing to Levy, that worked out very well. Also, ditched the Cyberdelia to get it down cards for those that really care about that as they were just a nice to have.

I’ve done the responsible thing and made a few other changes to better round out the deck putting it at 46 cards, if you wanted to cut it down to 45 I suggest maybe cutting the System Seizure as I’ve only ever had to use it once (and it didn't pay off). I’ve known about Chameleon in Wu for some time, left it out as a non-essential but it’s hard to argue against how good it is with her for emergencies. Hunting Grounds in case Komainu, IP Block, etc. Since this deck is best when making only a few big runs, Freedom Through Equality really helps DDM in getting that last point when you need it most.

Changes made were:

-3 Cyberdelia

-1 Peace in Our Time

-1 Career Fair

-1 Same Old Thing

+1 Dr. Lovegood

+1 Chameleon

+1 Hunting Grounds

+1 Freedom Through Equality

15 Feb 2018 Bilby

Oh this is very interesting. I like doing something besides combo with the guaranteed triple origami play. How often do you get good value out of levy? I feel like film critic is just too good right now

15 Feb 2018 rex_monolith

Nice ! I know slots are tight but what about a Rebirth since the ID has done its job after a couple of turns ? Also a test run might be good in case you struggle to dig for the single Savant. Have you thought about dropping the Career Fair and Data folding and just using Armitage ?

15 Feb 2018 CWoodward

Looking at the deck, I think Modded would be a better use than Career Fair if you swapped Cyberdelia to Dyson Mem Chip and Data Folding to Underworld Contact (Unfortunately, this would hurt the naming of the deck). Modded would help out installing breakers from hand and the console from hand if need be. TO reduce deck size, I think killing a Diesel and a Tyson would be best. That would get this deck to 46 cards, an acceptable amount.

15 Feb 2018 SillySod

Slick deck! How about Dr. Feelgood? He is a bit easier to find and pace than 3x cyberdelia. Trade-In also feels a little more slick than Tyson but maybe the extra hardware dependence is unattractive.

15 Feb 2018 Bakaru

Thanks for the comments so far, they're all really good!

15 Feb 2018 Bakaru

@Bilby Levy is super valuable, it's how you get your Dean Listers back which maybe the MVP of the deck. Film Critic is nice but since the hand size is so big Obakata is not an issue. The only fear would be if someone Hunter Seeked the Ekomind before getting the Cyberdelias down, that could be a bad tempo hit but not impossible to recover from as long as you still had a Levy.

15 Feb 2018 Bakaru

@rex_monolith I've definitely considered Rebirth and still am, it's true after the first few turns I rarely use her ability, but she has come in handy tutoring out the Savant late game. No need for Test Run with her tutor ability and Scavange to keep in on the table. I have thought about maybe dropping Career Fair but the value is so good its hard for me, and Data Folding is super nice because those credits mostly build up cause you spend so little installing and running with Overmind and Dean Lister together. Midway through the game you'l have 20 or so credits just sitting there growing. It's nice!

15 Feb 2018 Bakaru

@CWoodward I vary rarely go over 45 cards but finding needed parts for the deck is such a non issue and how fast you go through it an be scary that it didn't seem to matter going to 48 (but I guess that attitude flies in the face of minimalism :P). Also a little extra cards keeps the hand/mem padded to 14 which only helps Overmind and Dean Lister. I appreciate you considering the theme haha, cause some of your suggestions would make the deck slightly better. Modded is good for obvious reasons and DMC's would be good for sure to take advantage of the extra link and cheaper upfront cost of UC. I will definitely make an alternate version using this setup. Thank you! However, there is an argument to be made the Cyberdelias pay for themselves after a couple runs (and you will be running). Late game money is always welcome, but admittedly I slotted them in to try out new cards. They are decent to say the least.

15 Feb 2018 Bakaru

@SillySod Dr. Lovegood is a great suggestion and one I hadn't really considered, but definitely will now. It would streamline things and I could always throw it to Tyson since I'm not using it after I get Ekomind out. As I mention above in a comment I kind of like Cyberdelia for late game money if needed, and the tempo of installing them isn't too bad cause you can install them at a semi leisurely pace, since you only need them in by the time you Levy. But it's hard to argue against the ease of Dr. Lovegood. Yeah I would avoid Trade-In just cause it's a little clunkier than Tyson, but you're right Tyson isn't that slick haha

15 Feb 2018 rotage

@BakaruLove the deck looks lots of fun, how often do you Levy in games you play? I am wondering with 3 DDM and 2 Same Old Thing how often you need to Levy

15 Feb 2018 Bakaru

@rotage The Levy is really for the Dean Listers. Typically the Levy will only get used once if that, I like having two just in case. The current setup may be a bit overkill but it does allow for taking damage a little more freely when necessary.

16 Feb 2018 rongydoge

@Bakaru this deck is crazy fun!

Have you thought about adding Hunting Grounds? Maybe for a Career Fair just because Komainu really makes this deck very sad. It also has a lot of utility vs IP Block, Tollbooth, Data Raven etc. Thanks again for publishing the decklist!

16 Feb 2018 rongydoge

@Bakaru Thanks for posting - this deck is insanely fun!

I've been thinking about Hunting Grounds - have you considered it? The main reason is that Komainu really doesn't feel good, nor does IP Block or Tollbooth or Data Raven for that matter. Maybe instead of 1x Career Fair?

Either way, thanks for publishing this awesome list :)

16 Feb 2018 Bakaru

@rongydoge No problem at all, flad you like it! Yeah I’ve definitely considered putting hunting grounds in. Going down one Career fair for it wouldn’t be too bad an idea at all.

18 Feb 2018 tsemana

I know i’m missing something... how is the max hand size 14? Thanks!

19 Feb 2018 Bakaru

@tsemana each Origami says plus one hand size for each copy installed. If you have three installed that’s 3x3 so plus nine to your default hand size.

26 Feb 2018 gilesdavis

I know I must be dense, but +1 hand size per origami with 3 origami is... 5+3? So that seems like 8 to me? What am I misssing? :/

26 Feb 2018 Inermis

1 orgiami +1 Hand Size (1 copy installed)
2 origami +4 Hand Size (2 copies installed. Each origami gives you +2)
3 origami +9 Hand Size (3 copies installed. Each origami gives you +3)
So 5 + 9 = 14 Hand Size

4 Jun 2018 Myldside

This is a fun and surprisingly effective deck! I found an alternative to Tyson Observatory that's been working rather well... Bookmark! It serves two purposes: the first copy is used as fodder for Trade-In to get Ekomind out. The other copies are used to store cards in preparation of a supercharged Overmind. Toss 3 or 6 cards on your bookmarks, then Game Day back up to 14. Next turn, click those cards back in to your hand, and then install Overmind with 13 or even a ridiculous 16 counters. When it's time to Levy, Bookmark a few cards before you do, and hopefully Game Day will be in your new hand of 5. Draw back up to 14, and then add your stored cards back just before you use Scavenge or install a new Overmind. I'm finding that 2 copies of Trade-in are enough, since Game Day almost always finds a Trade-in and one or two Bookmarks.

Thanks for sharing the list!

4 Jun 2018 Bakaru

@MyldsideBookmark is an interesting idea I'll have to try out your suggestions. Thanks!

9 Jul 2018 mwille14

Do love this deck but one issue I have found is that it lacks economy unless you draw Peace in Our Time early. Need to get Data Folding down and if Scarcity of Resources comes out it really slows you down. Any tips to manage the economy?

10 Jul 2018 mwille14


18 Sep 2018 Bakaru

@mwille14 Agreed. When I was playing this deck I would mulligan for Peace in Our Time. Now that Clone Chip is unrestricted 3x Kyubans could be interesting. It would eat into some of the MU obviously, but 3 on R&D would be a very profitable run. Actually now as I'm typing I'm going to try and rework this deck to make that happen haha