Mono Blue Control (Influence is a crutch) ((Gridz or Die))

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I loved Daine Stevens' Clicking Hell deck from 2015 enough that I was inspired to build a deck around it that year that took me to 2nd in a Regional. Seeing Asa gave me flashbacks to that deck, and I decided to rebuild it. My initial idea was to build a rush/FA deck, but that's boring. Instead, I thought about jamming as many upgrades as I could, topping out at 18. I have backed off since, added NGO and SSL, and ended up here. Also, after building it, I found so many fun cards in faction I wanted to put into it that I found a hard time putting in Influence. In the end, I decided it would be more hipster/cool/dumb to not use any INF.

The main idea of Clicking Hell was to Install/Cred/Cred every turn, grinding the game to a halt. We lose that ETF econ here, but gain click compression instead. I was using MCAAP and Shell Corp as my main clicks every turn, but found myself very poor (which is fine; it's a poverty deck). The addition of NGO allow for a few things: money on demand, a 5/3 bluff, and something to jam into the remote when the MCAAPs are used up/trashed/not found.

The other Clicking Hell trick was to use False Lead and Heinlein Grid to destroy fools. Now, I don't use the the toys Daine did (I'm sure there was Janus in his), but faceplanting Ichi or FC3 with no clix nor creds isn't fun. Mason Bellamy can help perform the same trick. The upgrade mix has undergone so many changes that one could really flavour to their own liking (other upgrades I've had in here: CVS, Will o' the Wisp, Self-Destruct, Black Level). Typically, one wants BBG in the remote, and Heinlein on Centrals. Usually, the remote gets so full of shite that the Runner is fully disincentivized from going there.

This deck isn't going to win your SC, or your GNK, for that matter. Will it be fun to play, perhaps for both sides? One can hope. Remember, if you can get your opponent to read your cards, you have already won.

9 Feb 2018 ctz

Truest sentence in netrunner: "Remember, if you can get your opponent to read your cards, you have already won"

11 Feb 2018 scd

I officially no longer understand Netrunner.

15 Feb 2018 Grimwalker

Corollary: if your opponent has to read their own cards, you’re probably going to Time.