Lock Your Doors - 1st Milwaukee SC

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"i've got some shit to say, just for the fuck of it..."

This is the Making News deck I piloted to 1st place at a Store Championship in Milwaukee, WI.

Much of this list is owed to @kaizerjd, who absolutely dumpstered me at Worlds with Door to Door Making News. This list has been in my back pocket for some time now, but with almost no link in the meta at the moment, it seemed like a decent choice.

If you've never played a Door to Door deck before, the gameplan is pretty simple: get Door to Door down and watch the runner's credits disappear. This is accelerated with each Aryabhata Tech you have installed. The end goal is to either a) empty the runner's credit pool, land a Hard-Hitting News and BOOM them, or b) empty their credit pool and let them watch as you score 7 points.

A word of caution: if you're going to play a deck like this, you have to be willing to accept some shitty matchups. There are a few uncommon matchups that you have almost no chance at winning. Sunny is probably the worst offender, but Geist is a pain in the ass as well. I've also run into a few varieties of Congress Ed Kim as well, most of which you basically cannot win against.

Other than that, this thing is pretty solid overall. Its Hayley matchup is good, as Misdirection does almost nothing against single tags and she can't function with limited money. Additionally, your 3x Macrophage does a good job of controlling the Tapwrms, even through SacCons. Anarch isn't quite as favored, but they have a tendency to run out of gas at a certain point.

The only change I'd definitely make is to find room for a 17th ice.

Happy tracing!

5 Feb 2018 vor_lord
6 Feb 2018 cranked

@vor_lord I actually prefer Melange in the slot. Sometimes the correct line with this deck is to just take money while waiting for the Runner's credits to drop, and taking 7 off Melange is better than NGO Front. Additionally, once the lock is on, the Runner has no chance of getting into a server, so there's no way to bait them with the NGO.

NGO is a tempo card, Melange is a grinder card.

10 Feb 2018 kaizerjd

I’m looking to swap in SSL for foods so I can fit in some Economic Warfare. I have a feeling that card will really help get the lock on some runners.

10 Feb 2018 kaizerjd

Also I recently swapped Gutenberg’s for Sync BRE. So it doesn’t do “nothing” if the go tag-me.