Commercial Facade v0.1

Severijn 516

I like glacier decks, but their weakness is that these are often very passive decks, waiting for the runner to commit to a run. With Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach and ads, I can hurt their early game build up. Rolling Brownout was a card that intrigued me ever since it was released, and I wanted to see if this is worth playing. Turns out that it actually is pretty obnoxious. The tax matters, and runners either try to do without their events or get slowed down a little bit, which adds up because it is the same kind of pressure that Spark is doing.

The economy is all ads, because I can't play operations due to the brownout. The eventual goal is building a massive server of 4-5 ice deep with an Ash 2X3ZB9CY at its end. I opted to go all code gate because they have a nice selection of really taxing ice. It does not really matter that you usually just need a single breaker. Glacier is slow enough that they will have time to get all their breakers anyway. What matters is that they only have enough money for only a couple of runs on the server over the entire game (see also this excellent article I picked my ice on being 6 strength so that refractor costs 2 stealth credits per ice and even with a boost of some kind, black orchestra is hopelessly inefficient. The only breakers I am worried about are Gordian Blade and CyCy, but these are fortunately rare, and even those will be glowing hot from all the credits they had to feed it. Even with the heavy code gate focus, I did put in some ice that will punish anyone thinking that they shouldn't bother with the other two types.

The agenda suite is nothing remarkable, but I stayed on the conservative side and boarded in Net Quarantine, just so I can shut down high link decks and start getting some revenue from the traces this deck fire.

Flex slots: Bernice Mai and The All-Seeing I can be cards of your choice, though I think Bernice has excellent synergy with this build. It is like an extra piece of ice at the end of the server, and having 9 upgrades will keep the runner guessing on whether you just dropped an agenda in that server.

Finally: Where is my restricted card? I did not see any that I like for this deck. Global food doesn't do enough and fairchild 3.0 is less taxing than DNA tracker.

I hope you give glacier a try within NBN. It is nice to have a deck that is actively hurting runners from the very first turn. A deck that does not fold in the long game and that doesn't drop dead to HQ pressure. With the amount of hand access in my meta and the existence of Alice, clans and Maw, I find a real advantage in playing a deck that can just play and advance its agendas and drop everything else on the table when I draw it. It means I can cut HQ and Archives defence a little bit.

Also, why 21 agenda points? Because I want the density in agendas as I lack dedicated draw. I could replace Eden fragment with a third explode-a-palooza, but this makes finishing with 2-2-3 much, much harder. without the 3-pointers I will frequently have to go 2-2-2-2 or 2-2-2-1 if I find the 15 minutes. I will keep testing this however, as I am usually rushing out Project Beale when I could just overadvance it.

28 Jan 2018 Severijn

After more plays with this deck, I think The All-Seeing I is not worth it. It is too frequently rotting in my hand because the basic trash action is enough to dismantle the key resource and because the runners avoid running on the bernice mai servers as the plague. In retrospect, I think this should be either Red Herrings or a News Team. News team is a similar kind of pressure, and red herrings works well with the main plan of keeping the runner too poor to steal from the server.