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27 Jun 2019 Saan

I won the Berlin ad Prague regionals with Appoc Val, and at one point, I commented out loud, "I wonder if this would be better as Appoc Alice, since it might get them to commit an ICE to Archives early that I can then just trash with DDoS." If I had any chance of practicing before playing, I might have made the change. Anyhow, how'd Alice's ability compare to having a Bad Pub?

28 Jun 2019 spags

@Saan I would say it's generally more fun. It does stretch the Corp's limited ICE out earlier, making DDOS easier, as you noted. Also, I find you generally don't want to be spending money during runs unless you really must, so the BP is less useful. You shouldn't be fighting assets with BP, you should be pressuring centrals. Sure, you can Rebirth in Val, but in Alice, you already have the ID you want.

Stargate is a huge addition. It creates pressure from the get, and 3x makes it constant. For example, when facing Titan, they want to defend HQ, but they also don't want to lose a card a turn, so R&D may become the third ICE placed. Stargate wrecks that plan. That and Wanton will keep you in those matchups pretty well.

I tried the Direct Access, but it should be Deuces, and there should be 3x Wanton. Utopia is really strong, too, as both that and Wanton gain more efficacy with Alice's assault.