Sunny Supplying Security

HiddenAway 645

NOTE: Sovereign Sight was not available in the region at the time I played this deck - and I don't have Quorum for Peace in Our Time...

Sunny loves resources - so it makes sense to try and save credits installing said resources. The Supplier saves you 2 credits on resources and hardware as long as you're willing to wait a turn or 2 to use it (remember that you can't use Start of Turn effects when installed from The Supplier). It also makes any Scarcity of Resources attempts credit neutral - but you're better off just stealing an agenda as soon as possible!

Card draw comes in the form of Exclusive Party, Build Script and Earthrise Hotel, to try and get you through the deck as quickly as possible, and gain credits while thinning your deck through Exclusive Party. Globelsec Security Clearance to see what juicy card is on the top of R&D and Freedom through Equality to get an extra point if needed when you do see an agenda.

Multi-access is limited to a single Deep Data Mining, but with Sunny's standard breaker suite, it will pick 5 every time. Same Old Thing can be used to recur it if needed. Downsides include the Start of Turn problem with The Supplier and it will still lose to rushing corps.

The deck was changed last minute before a GNK to add an extra Film Critic (restricted in MWL 2.0) and 2 Biometric Spoofing for 3 Power Taps. With the extra 2 influence, I would add an extra copy of The Supplier since not seeing it at the start, can make it a dead draw depending on when you see it. Film Critic can be switched out for Employee Strike is you see Skorp in particular. However, Hunter Seeker is much more of an issue as there is no recursion and no program protection. Citadel Sanctuary is also surplus since that was added with Power Tap in mind.

20 Jan 2018 CactusJack

I think I played against this deck, it's pretty solid.