Sleeping Beauty

DrApathy 66

This is a deck I've been toying with for a while now, and it's almost good. The game plan is to build a credit lead, let the runner steal a Vanity Project, and then use SEA -> EOI to swap it for a Domestic Sleepers. In my playtesting, I've learned three interesting things:

  1. It is much easier than I thought to score a Vanity Project honestly. After its second turn on the board, I think runners assume it's a trap of some kind and just let you slow-roll it to a 4-point score.
  2. It is possible to cash out a loaded MCA to Biotic a Vanity Project from hand. It's not easy to do, but it's glorious when it happens.
  3. Seidr Labs is a fantastic econ ID. No runner ever wants your ID to fire, so they mostly pay full price for your obnoxious bioroids. That really helps in the econ game.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. It's not a good deck, but it is a fun one.