Like a Surgeon

travisthehobbit 41

Like a surgeon cuttin' for the very first time, this is my very first time publishing a deck to netrunnerdb. Also like a surgeon, this deck makes tiny but precise incisions on the Runner throughout the game.

Becoming a surgeon at Chronos was not immediately appealing to me. The salary wasn't as high as Palana and it just doesn't have the intimidating reputation of Potential Unleashed for example, but every so often, you get to see inside the Runner's brain, and let me tell you what: they NEED our help, because they've got some cooky ideas rolling around their skull meat. If they get too cantankerous, stick them with something from the Knife House on their turn and then make it stop hurting with a Neural EMP on your turn. If you have a good memory and keep at your work, you'll rarely be surprised at what the Runner tries.

You'd think that working at Chronos would be non-stop, but actually you get to take your time if you want to. Your big agendas defend themselves, your assets are meant to be accessed, and the other 34/49 cards are operations or ICE, ensuring that most of the time, that top card of R&D is going right back on top of R&D. And at 12 economy operations, Chronos has a great benefits package.

Remember: you're not here to kill the Runner, like one of those wanna-be samurai at Jinteki Personal Evolution. Be friendly. Show the Runner your teacup giraffe. Allow Kitsune fox to give them presents from HQ. Let Susanno-no-mikoto sweep them off their feet. This, and so much more, could be all in a day's work, here at Chronos Protocol.

Thanks, Weird Al!

5 Jan 2018 travisthehobbit

Sorry I didn't link to cards on this site like the people who know what they're doing. I just figured it out.

Things I've considered: Ark Lockdown - I'm not bothered; I'll just snipe it again after they recur it.

Kakugo - Great choice! I need to sort out my cards. I know they're around here somewhere...maybe take out a Wall of Thorns, a Cobra and a Beanstalk? Open to suggestions.

Any code gates - Eh, so I don't have any code gates; what's it to ya? Just because all the cool kids are using code gates doesn't mean I have to. If a code gate told you to pay three credits and then go jump off a bridge, would ya?

Basically any cards that use up the other 11 influence I'm not using - hey, I'm a company man, but again, open to suggestions if they're really good ideas.

5 Jan 2018 Sutlomatsch

I'd reconsider Ark Lockdown, Paperclip is one of the most used cards these days and if you manage to snipe it and Ark Lockdown it - well windows?

5 Jan 2018 travisthehobbit

Good point - thanks for the input!

5 Jan 2018 travisthehobbit

Good point - thanks for the input!

15 Feb 2018 sebastiank

I just finished playing with this deck online. My "local meta" consists of me and this other dude, and he likes playing corp and I'm fine playing runner, so this was actually my first game playing corp. This deck led me to victory!!!!! I got sort of lucky in the matchup (my opponent has a ton of code gate breakers) and my opponents accesses off of R&D, but I won. I used Chronos mainly to trash all of his sentry breakers, which led him to be pretty helpless in getting into my scoring server. Got a bit overzealous in rezzing ice (ie giddily rezzing susanoo to throw my opponent into a swordsman, which didn't do much bc he had sac cons) which led to some economic problems, but I recognize that if I wasn't a complete noob my econ would have been fine. I really like the synergy of this. I know this isn't meant to be a kill-y deck, but with the ice, a scored HoK, and neural EMP, it is easy to score Obokatas without much resistance. In conclusion, thanks for posting this deck. I had a lot of fun with it.

2 May 2018 travisthehobbit

Glad you liked it and won with it, @sebastiank!