Tracer Glacier [RevCore+Deluxes]

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PureFlight 1029

A straightforward corp deck focused on making extremely taxing ice with extremely expensive traces.

Play Tips

  • Try to get your hard End the Run ice on your remote (Wraparound, Tollbooth, News Hound)
  • Rutherford + Ash is pretty baller. Use the combo to protect your agenda.
  • You're using your ID to keep Surveillance Sweep in play. Not only does it make your tracer ice more potent, but the Ash trace is really really hard for them to win with it in play.
  • This deck is pretty low on econ. You NEED to get an Adonis through. Thankfully most of your ice is really cheap to rez and expensive to break.
  • If the runner is set up has some money, you'll want to use Ghost Branch to bait a run. They'll spend all their resources on getting in, only to be really broke and be stuck with a pair of tags. Then, jam an agenda into the remote the following turn.
  • Aside from being able to trash their resources, runners that float tags can be punished with Psychographics and Resistor.
4 Jan 2018 analogBrad

Like it. As someone who has played a lot of surveillance sweep, I highly recommend Aryabhata tech and Macrophage. Rutherford has a dis-synergy with Sweep I think, since Sweep basically lets you land almost every trace without a boost.

4 Jan 2018 analogBrad

Oh...guess you’re constrained to not use datapacks. Sorry. Still like it.

4 Jan 2018 PureFlight

@analogBrad Yeah, you are correct. Aryabhata Tech makes a lot of sense here. I suppose switching the Rutherfords for Bernice/Herrings could work.

Alternatively, I might just switch out Surveillance Sweep for basically any other current and keep the Rutherfords because I like them.