Mooninites News - MWL 15 Legal

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This deck was borne out of discussions about building a NBN Moons deck in Cache Refresh. The format has lots of good advertisements, a card that turns all your assets into advertisements, a card that lets you install lots of advertisements from archives, and Estelle Moon. This deck takes that core idea and uses the full standard cardpool for maximum Ad Blitz cheese.

Cool Ad Blitz tricks include: - install + rez Moon, Ad Blitz for all your credits - score Rebranding Team, Ad Blitz for Moon (which will rez and "see" the other installs) + as many ads as you can afford - score Rebranding Team, get 2 AAL in archives, and Ad Blitz for your full credit pool minus one. By reinstalling + rezzing AALs repeatedly in the same server, you'll double your money!

Note that Ad Blitz cannot recur Calibration Testing - you'll need to use Team Sponsorship. Fast-advancing an agenda off CalTest with TS out will let you reinstall the CalTest immediately!

In general - rush quickly behind News Hound + Wraparound, use Moon to accelerate, and watch your opponent's face as you play Ad Blitz for Moon + piles of ads. This deck felt a little poor, so Product Placement may not be a bad addition.

The obvious question is "why Sol over Spark, which has 'advertisement' in the text box?". The one credit/turn didn't seem as strong as a constant Scarcity/TarMar, and News Hound is one of the best ice in the game out of Sol. That, and I liked the Sol/Moon theme!

4 Jan 2018 EnderA

Nice. Have you considered Media Blitz for Rebranding Team? You could also throw in AR-Enhanced Security instead of License Acquisition for another target.

10 Jan 2018 Robotoast

I played this in a tournament on Saturday and I really really liked it. I'm pretty sure I could have gone undefeated if I hadn't made a few play mistakes. There might be an argument for media blitz to ensure a successful ad blitz. I don't think you need AR at all.

One of the great things about the deck is that the runner can spend all day trashing stuff and you can then bring it all back without losing tempo. If anything, you WANT them to trash Jeeves, Team Sponsorship, and Campaigns.

I swapped an IP block for a wraparound for more early-game gearcheck, 2 scarcity and 2 tar mar since their's so many resources out there and I'm a bad player, and a launch campaign for CVS to fight tapwrm and clot, and i tested with 1 breaker bay in the sandburg spot, and I think it's ok, but I would have done better on the day with sandburg, as I was rarely low on cash.