Judge Dead - Q4 GNK Winner

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In space no one can hear you complain about asset spam

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This deck killed all opponents and went undefeated at a small GNK

This deck is a reconfigured version of the Dead Space deck that @mordeqai has been working on


So this is Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon prison. The stated purpose of this deck is to find a way to tag the runner and then throw them into tag hell. Only play this deck if you are comfortable with people groaning at you and frequently telling you how unfun this deck is.

At the tournament, my friends frequently reminded me that they would have preferred my CI Punitive deck.

Thankfully, my love of Weyland and the heat from cooked runners keeps me warm during lonely nights.


NOTE: I don't enjoy NPE's I just want to play Weyland kill and this is how you consistently do it.

I also wanted to use my Gagarin alt art made by Alexis Spicer!

Get yours below: http://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/meanladyaltarts



We are on an 8 agenda suite to make running RD barren in our 54 card deck.

Scoring ANY of the 5/3s are a stretch but I picked ones that have useful abilities if we enter dreamland.

Hades Fragment is like a permanent Whampoa Reclamation if you get it scored.

High-Risk Investment guarantees that your traces will land if you score it.

The Cleaners makes Mr. Stone godlike if you manage to score it.

Oaktown Renovation is the only agenda I consistently score. It is a great way to bait a run and doesn't effect your tempo. Furthermore, if you want to tempt the runner, you can just keep advancing it until they get sick of it.


3x Commercial Bankers Group because we want to be rich and with our ID ability the trash cost is effectively increased by 1.

Elizabeth Mills is to remove the Bad Pub that will occasionally come up because of Val or the trashing of Illegal Arms Factory. You have to be able to clear bad pub to use The All-Seeing I and to avoid having your ID ability negated. It is also great for destroying OCA. 10/10 would tutor with Executive Boot Camp again.

Executive Boot Camp is a multi-use tech card that is better for this deck than the more common Tech Startup. It lets us interrupt indexing, it lets us reduce ice and asset costs, and most importantly it lets us find Zealous Judge and Mr. Stone during the turn we play our tag cards. It is also more expensive to trash than Tech Startup.

Illegal Arms Factory is murder fuel. It draws us combo cards at lightning speed and gives us money. In most cases the runner trashing one of these brings them into Hard-Hitting News or SEA Source range.

Marilyn Campaign Is good drip money that is expensive to trash. It all procs a shuffle which helps us get Whampoa Reclamation cards back into our hand.

The sweetheart of the deck is Mr. Stone. If people keep trashing the BOOM! or are on some sort of Mercs play you just keep slamming Zealous Judge until you wear them down. This combo is what puts people on tilt and provokes the bad decisions that secures the win. Of course if they don't deal with it, you just murder them.

Museum of History is for more recursion. Really drive home that nothing they trash is ever gone. They will either break themselves trashing things or you will get all your tools.

NASX is more drip and gives you a place to store credits if you can't easily clear Tapwrm.

Sandburg is a game ender. In the right situation it can prevent Zealous Judge from being trashed, securing the kill. In most cases it costs them enough that you throw them right back into tag hell after they trash.

People start the game thinking that if they ride it out you will get flooded. They think they can outsmart you by never running until they can try to win in one turn. Whampoa Reclamation reminds them that if they don't trash assets you will never be flooded.

Zealous Judge is the key part of our murder combo. Runners have lots of ways to get rid of tags before you can play BOOM!. Zealous Judge lets you keep tagging them, taxing them clicks and credits until they run out of steam. Once that happens or you force it to happen with The All-Seeing I, Closed Accounts and Mr. Stone you drop the missile and end the game.


2x Prisec to put on centrals to force tags for Zealous Judge. occasionally you can bait people who check every new remote into it as well. Everything in this deck is about getting the tagged condition on the runner so you can rez Judge behind ICE.


Best Defense is a middle finger to Tapwrm, SMC, OCA, Shadownet, Artist Colony, and several other zero cost runner cards that vex you. Play it early and often. Slow that runner down.

BOOM!: because you can't get to space without rockets.

My favorite tag punishment card is Closed Accounts. It is the ultimate morale breaker and the sliding latch on the door to Space Jail. Landing this card usually means the end is nigh.

Consulting Visit is to tutor whatever combo piece you are not currently holding. Also good for tutoring Paywall Implementation to clear Employee Strike and Hacktivist.

Diversified Portfolio is the burst econ that gives you the surprise advantage you need to land traces.

Hard-Hitting News, MCA Informant and SEA Source are different ways to land tags depending on the situation and your opponent's build. VS Shapers its usually Sea Source, VS Anarchs its usually HHN, VS link decks its usually MCA.

Paywall Implementation turns your ID ability into a two credit swing and helps recover money if they decide to trash assets.

The All-Seeing I is a fantastic tech card I added at the last minute. Sometimes you have to work to land it, but when it hits, it delivers. In a pinch it can also be used as a Bad Pub removal tool. In two of my games this card single handedly won me the game.


3x Hive is a Gagarin staple for good reason. It is taxing and you don't play to score anyway so its downside is negated.

3x Tithonium is fantastic with Sandburg. It is expensive without Standoff or Hostile Takeover but we manage. Furthermore, we have no 7 point score plan so sacrificing Oaktown Renovation is fine.

2x Hortum gives you game against AI like GoW. its also just a good ice.

Tour Guide is a rad ice that is more or less unbreakable vs most runners and trivial for Smoke and Sunny.


So that is the deck.

It is hard to pilot but it works well.



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11 Dec 2017 seeds34

Well done. I always like to see Gagarin doing well. Cheers for sharing. Do you plan to demo it on stream?

14 Dec 2017 vor_lord

Looks dreadful (I mean that as a compliment). I've been trying to decide if I hate my local playgroup enough to play a murder Gagarin, and this is a lot better than what I had in mind.

4 Jan 2018 ragingduck

Fantastic deck! I've had good results playing it and some brutal losses playing against it.

5 Jan 2018 Dloaf

Ok, great, now that prison decks are fun again, how do we beat this?

5 Jan 2018 Dloaf

So now that prison decks are fun again, how do we beat this?