The Garbage Gun

The Real C 106

  • Step 1: Dispose of the evidence.

  • Step 2: Murdur.

Yes, I'm pretty sure I got the order right.


Since a long quote says more than a dozen words, I present:

The Real C uses Reuse to trash 23 cards and gain 46 . The Real C then shoots a 50-creds Smoke repeatedly in the stomach.

This deck arose from two different motivations: Boredom with the good old "safe" combos (bye, Show of Brain), and a wish to find a deck suitable for the upcoming Ikawah Project. The latter is clearly a tax on the Runner, and the combo card most interested in the Runner being poor would probably be Punitive Counterstrike. Still, I didn't feel that there was a reliable way to out-econ Barney-wary Runners enough to get the two or even three Punitives needed to finish them off. Until I remembered...

...the literal garbage card.

The combo is super simple in terms of composition, although the arithmetics involved can be entertaining. First "accidentally" let the Runner steal an agenda or two - by letting them into your servers, or just straight-up naked installing an agenda, advancing as needed. Then trash your entire hand minus however many Punitive + Biotic + Archiveds + Salem's you need, most generically no more than 1x Biotic, 2x Punitive. Then murdur. If you fail to murdur, this is simply because your hand did not contain enough garbage.

The nature of the combo means it can fire both early and late - early on you can bait them into an agenda steal while they're still setting up then Punitive + Archived + Punitive, while late you suddenly click for 40-50 credits and throw them a surprise trace party. This means it can play both like a laid-back "slowly build a combo" classic, or as an aggressive "It was me, GRNDL!"

As for win rates, your mileage may vary. It certainly wins a lot more than it should - in fact, more than it loses - but if the Runner grabs two agendas early and you can't murdur them for it, then that's that, time to go home. Hey, I won't hide the fact that this deck is literally garbage.

Card choices:



  • Jeeves is a beast in an econ game. Why does he cost 5 to trash?...


  • Most of the economy suite is obvious, although I'll mention that IPO is somewhat better than usual since you're all about money and often have Jeeves ready to help squeeze value out of that last click.

  • Anonymous Tip is probably the best 1-inf splash available, as it reads "Gain 4 creds" together with Reuse and helps trigger Jeeves. On that topic, remember drawing > clicking for creds almost always, for the same reason.

  • Salem's Hospitality is an unfortunate necessity against Anarchs. On the bright side, you can use their own bravado against them, netting kills even through Mercs.

  • Voter Intimidation just deals with so much stuff, but I'm keenly feeling the "Runner must have stolen an agenda" requirement in this deck. It's up for consideration. Hellion Beta Test backs it up, unless you get free Jeeves, in which case, hey, free Jeeves!


  • Ice was chosen as a compromise between server protection, and actually baiting the Runner into occasionally running. I might go a bit lighter in the future. Fairchild 1.0 is actually doing a lot better than expected, blocking random Archives shenanigans and looking out for our man Jeeves.

  • Brainstorm is a great card. Yup!

Up for consideration

  • MCA Informant would be a shoe-in if I had one more influence. Still debating between him and Voter Intimidation.

  • Targeted Marketing wouldn't be a bad 1-inf slot, but Scar City is just so good...

  • Preemptive Action seems natural, but I've not found myself ever missing it. Still, if a game goes long and the Runner grabbed Hades Fragment, or if you have to resort to fast advance for whatever reason, it'd be welcome.

16 Nov 2017 Dead Drop

Just for the funny description I will give it a try.

27 Nov 2017 ChairmanHiro

Alternate names: "Trash Cannon", "Dumpster Fire", "Renew, Reuse, Recyle Biodigradable Runner Bodies Into the Dirt", "Oscar the Grouch has had enough of your shit".