[Startup] Run It, Chisel It

ArminFirecracker 719

This is my favorite runner so far, with over 220 games.


Good cards for the start are Paladin, Dreamnet and other econ cards.

Against Jinteki: Dreamnet, Boomerang (since you don't want to facecheck) or your Killer are really important.

Turn 1

Facechecking is usually good before installing anything. Just Jinteki requires an another level of caution. I prefer an early trigger of Drafter with limited value, than an unrezzed ICE on an central server. Otherwise there is j just Whitespace and Afshar. But both are not that common. If you can get the corp to rezz an expensive ICE or a Gold Farmer you are pretty happy to chisel it later.

In the early games, you can use Boomerang for early access, as well as Chisel & Devils Cham. Trashing early ICE usually sets the corp back quite a bit. Even if its just a mid cost ICE. So you keep on getting cheap early acceses.

Keep on Running

With Hoshiko you want to run at least every second turn. With a DreamNet out, usually every turn. It is sometimes also good, to do runs as a digital Hoshiko without any accesses (empty Archives or Stargate) to trigger the Dreamnet and flip sides.

Mid Game

Set up your rig, while keep on running and Chiseling expensive ICE.

End Game Rig

Usually consists of the 3 breakers, Leech and Stargate. With the most annoying ICE chiseled, this usually gets you in every server for a few credits. Boomerangs are still good for advanced Pharos and Colossus.

Card Choices

I tried the deck with three different Killers. They are all fine: Bukhgalter, Carmen and Echelon. I just don't like the Anarch ones. Echelon breaks Ansel 1.0 for just 3 credits in the end game. But struggles with early game Drafter. You are usually happy to see an Archer or an Tyr rezzed. It's just so much Chisel Value.

Overclock is meant for keeping up with the speed of PD.

Simulchipoften wants to recur Chisels mid run, but can also be used for recurring breakers or Imps if you want to trash an Operation.

Trickster Taka is really good for the end game. But a dead draw until you break ice with breakers, which can be quite a while. So I cut the card, since hitting the late game is usually a win anyway.

I do not run Botulus, since Memory is limited and it's unreliable against Magnet.


You can see the deck in action on Ysengrins stream: https://youtu.be/hH06W08N3X4?t=4876