Keep Calm and Advance from Hand v3

Hongkong Koma 259

No remotes needed. Fast advance for patient players. Defend HQ and R&D, collect money, use Biotic Labor to FA your 2/3 agendas.

Watch out for The Source and Sneakdoors. Against The Source I'd recommend putting a NAPD Contract and advance it twice. If the runner steals it, he has at least to pay creds and The Source is trashed. If not, you score it next turn. Warning: Don't you ever think of using Accelerated Beta Test's special ability. Keep calm, breathe deep and go on. Stick to the plan.

v2: Reclamation order is perfect for recycling all of your sweet 3-of-a-kinds and nicely synergizes with Archived Memories. NAPD Contract saves your butt now by replacing all those 2/4-Agendas that you really don't want to score, if you don't need to.

v3: After several plays (Win ratio 4-1) lets try this: Less ICE, more econ.This deck soaks up money like an old sponge. You want to be fast and flexible and will eventually get all ICE you need. Put 3 to 4 on R&D and HQ, if Sneakdoors/Datasuckers appear, put some on Archives too. Card Draw is not a problem with Jackson/Blue/Green Level.

28 Apr 2014 mplain

Playing CI always feels like you need less ice and more econ, midgame. But if you let that first-turn siphon in, can you recover?

29 Apr 2014 Hongkong Koma

Who can recover from a first-turn siphon anyway? But you are right, CI is very vulnerable to AS - so it's your first priority to secure your HQ. Better leave R&D open than HQ.

The ICE count is completely ok, I never felt I had the problem of thin ICE layering.