The Ring of Power

NuttyNewfie 96


There has been a rift in the Shaper Community...

and we have been forced to choose.

Many have chosen riches. Others have chosen safety.

However, there are some of us who have chosen power.

Seriously though. If you're playing as Kit, why would you choose anything else? The strength of Magnum Opus is undeniable, but why wouldn't you just play Chaos Theory with a good breaker suite if that was your choice? It's the easier economic choice, to be sure. But there are other ways of getting paid.

Instead of choosing Opus and having one main income source, I've chosen Inversificator and gone with one main breaker. As it turns out, when you only really need one or two programs installed, Data Folding is a good economic base. You can have only one breaker and a Tapwrm, and Data Folding still works. Added MU from a console helps with this in the late game as well.

And since you use so little MU, Deep Data Mining can be a monster. It also means that you don't have to run R&D as often, which gives you time to draw/install more econ. Or, at worst, click for credits.

So, Inversificator...

This program can really tie the corp in knots. You can force the corp to rez all their installed ICE to protect one server, and it can take a lot of ICE to keep Kit out. With enough experience, you can set up servers where Inversificator is the only breaker required to gain access. Some glacier R&D servers require a second program (like Egret or another Inversificator) to get in.

That is when you can install The Gauntlet and pivot onto HQ. Often the corp doesn't even rez ICE on HQ to limit your access, but you can swap rezzed ICE onto the server (if you haven't already) and gain multiple accesses if you think the angendas are there.

Most other cards are economic in nature or are used to find those econ cards. Cyber-Cypher is such a card. Aim it at R&D to get a cheap, early multi-access run, and punish any ICE-light corp strategies. Use it with Inversificator after a swap to save a few credits. Dedicated Processor helps you spend less when dealing with high strength ICE.

Shout out to Sacrificial Construct as it helps protect our main breaker from Skorpios, as well as infuriate the corp when they try to purge away Tapwrm.

Feedback Filter and Citadel Sanctuary can be swapped out for other cards based on how Tag/Damage heavy your meta is. This is also true for event based econ. Season to taste...

Kit has always been my favorite Runner, both in ability and theme. It's been hard to build a decent deck with her. Now that I have Inversificator, I'm in a happy place.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

16 Oct 2017 Snake Eyes

The opening write-up gets an upvote from me.

The list seems reasonable, I'll give it a spin sometime. Egret work well for more heavily ICEd servers.

Is Asset-Spam an issue for this deck? What do you think of Peace in Our Time instead of Deuces Wild to help power up your Tapwrms while making you big money?

17 Oct 2017 NuttyNewfie

I haven't tested much against asset spam. I'd imagine that if you have a meta that leans heavy in that direction, you could replace a Tapwrm and some other card with Aeneas Informants or Scrubbers.

Peace In Our Time seems interesting. It can even help push Beth to higher levels. Still, Deuces Wild gets me to the cards I need faster. I may try this out and see how it works.

Thanks for your interest in the deck!

17 Oct 2017 wait what

The Gauntlet seems anti-synergistic with this plan, since Inversificator surfing reduces the number of distinct ICE you actually encounter. How much work does it end up doing in practice?

17 Oct 2017 NuttyNewfie

It still does some work. True, surfing with Inversificator seems to work counter to The Gauntlet. Often, the corp doesn't rez any ICE on HQ to limit access, so using Inversificator to put rezzed ICE from another server onto HQ helps The Gauntlet's ability. It's a strategy of this deck to send rezzed ICE from R&D to HQ anyway, to force the corp to spend a ton of credits just to protect one server.

Thanks for commenting!

17 Oct 2017 x-factor103

Good to see more people experimenting with Inversificator and the best Shaper ID ;D

I can see your version uses Tapwrm for the added drip that mine uses Mr. Phones and Rabbit Hole for (yeah, it's a lot of slots, but it also helps defeat traces in this poor Runner's meta).

One question, what do you do against Obokata + Punitive? My understanding is that you can't prevent "suffer" damage if you want to steal it, which would mean death by punitive usually. I was recently killed by the combo last week when I started out with 3 link and was richer than the corp (they outmonied on their turn and then hit me). Maintain a 5 card hand at all times, click 3 draw, and run?

17 Oct 2017 x-factor103

Ignore that last bit. Didn't see Citadel in there. And...I'll admit, I'm not used to seeing that one so I had to refresh on the effect! Cheers.

17 Oct 2017 NuttyNewfie

I think that Rabbit Hole/Mr. Phones is OK. It certainly would have been fine in the game I played last night against Door to Door. Also, it can't be purged away.

But it requires both cards in order to work, and there's no other real reason for Rabbit Hole to be there, unless your meta is really trace heavy.

Thanks for commenting! Kit is the best!

20 Oct 2017 LazerDoofus

This is my new favorite runner archetype, well done @NuttyNewfie. I went -2 Dueces +2 Peace in our time for more money and synergy with tapwyrm. trying to make some other changes for 3 earthrise

20 Oct 2017 NuttyNewfie

Thanks for the support @LazerDoofus!

I haven't tried Peace In Our Time yet. I'd be interested to hear how it goes. Also, don't forget that Patron is in faction too, which may help with card draw (unless you're looking for clickless draw).

14 Feb 2018 N0-1_H3r3

Honestly, from my own experiments with this kind of Kit deck, the only thing missing here (IMO) is System Seizure - I found that it makes using Inversificator on heavily-defended servers much cheaper, particularly if you arrange the corp's ICE just right.

16 Feb 2018 NuttyNewfie

Very true, @N0-1_H3r3. I have since replaced Dedicated Processor with System Seizure, mostly as a counter-current. Scarcity of Resources was a real problem for this deck, and Scarcity seemed like the best choice here.

Also, the prevailing wisdom of including Peace In Our Time seems to have won out. It can power up both Tapwrm and Beth.

Thanks for your input!