You Have To Pay For That

Drakeheart 39

First deck I've ever published, and I haven't been playing Netrunner long. But I thought I'd share something that I enjoyed playing to involve myself in the community a bit.

The basic idea is simple: Keep the Runner poor, and score. This particular iteration was updated for Rotation and MWL 2.0 and has lost a bit of it's bite with the loss of RSVP. Still, the few games I've played with it have ended one of two ways: Either he's too poor to stop me from scoring; or he isn't. It might not be competitive, but at least it doesn't attempt wild shenanigans to shoot you in the face. No, it just wants you to pay for all the things you're looking for.

There are a few small combos in the deck. I've included a single copy of Media Blitz in the event the runner steals Utopia, allowing you to then advance Project Beale with impunity as the cost of theft goes up. Combine the cost to steal with the ICE you have installed (ideally Spiderweb behind Interrupt 0) and they're counting their credits to try and get in.

Film Critic still wonders why no one comes up with better script ideas, but they were an MCA Informant all along, so...

The only actual play problem I've had with this deck so far is funds management. With PAD Campaign, Hedge Fund, & IPO, being your only methods of accruing funds without clicking, most of yours turn will be spent getting money. In some cases (ie: Tapwrm, Beth), this may be a small advantage, but most of the time it's simply problematic.

16 Oct 2017 aermet69

I love the idea of Utopia + Media Blitz. Would it be worth it, to focus more on this? Like add Fast Track another Media Blitz and another New Now Hour?

16 Oct 2017 Drakeheart

Ideally, you probably don't want the Runner stealing any of your agendas... Having said that, considering Utopia is Algorithm's adopted big brother, it might not be a bad idea to include a couple extra copies of Blitz & TNNH, and if you did add in Fast Track, you could guarantee that the runner hits it, then just Media Blitz. Might be worth looking into.

16 Oct 2017 The Real C

Magnet is probably a bit outdated here, what with Parasite being gone. And while I understand your dedication to Predictive Algorith, it's probably quite a lot below Scarcity of Resources in terms of how much it messes with the Runner's economy. I'm not really sold on the Full Immersion RecStudio plan, but maybe it works for you. Conundrum is probably too expensive relative to its low impact; Macrophage deals with Aumakua if that's your main concern. I'd also look into Ash, since he seems a natural fit for your taxing plan, and you've influence to spare.

Any particular plan behind having 45 cards as opposed to 49?

Also, on a purely netrunnerdb-technical note, you might want to update your Hedge Fund and Red Herrings to the Revised Core Set variants, so your deck stops showing up as illegal ^^'

16 Oct 2017 Skeletons

I love that you are building around Predictive Algorithm - and Interrupt 0 too! - amazing :)

Have you tried the fun nuisance ice Free Lunch in this deck?

26 Oct 2017 Drakeheart

@SkeletonsI haven't yet, but that would be a very useful addition.
@The Real CI was thinking about Egret mostly, actually. But I suppose it's not really worth it for just that. Deck Density mainly was the concern for 45 over 49, but 4 extra shouldn't effect the odds over much, and let's me put in a bit more.