Fast Food Nation

Snake Eyes 4619


Why not enjoy a tasty burger today!?

This deck is fast, fun, and filling - the Jackson Howard replacement here is Anonymous Tip with Preemptive Action, along with a slim deck size to help you grab what you need with speedy drive-thru convenience.

15 ICE, all of it advanceable, "feels" like around 17-18 ICE in a 49 card deck, so it's a little glacial, especially considering the average break cost from the runner. The deck can also fast advance through Shipment from Tennin and Audacity, though both fast advance cards are conditional based on your opponent's actions or your hand size. Rushing is possible out of this deck, but that relies on Priority Construction or getting some good ETR ICE up like Hortum or Ice Wall.

Priority Construction is really amazing in this deck, turning on any of the Cosmic ICE immediately, or making Mausolus beastly with an ETR sub, making Hortum immune to AI Breakers (which against AI centric decks can just be an auto-win if you also get one on HQ and R&D respectively).

There are 10 economy cards in this deck, counting the Hostile Takeovers and Oaktown Renovations, but the Mass Commercializations become enormous in the late game. Whenever you hit a Preemptive Action, you should consider cycling those back into the deck as getting 10+ credits from zero is pretty easy with them in hand. Sometimes I debate about adding an IPO or two, but money usually isn't too much of a problem when your Mass Commercializations net you such a ridiculous sum of money throughout the game. Shipment from Kaguya and Priority Construction sort of count as both regular economy and as action economy as well, getting to do multiple things for a low low cost with one card respectively. Getting into a price war with other corps has never been easier!

Oh and of course to synergize with everything being advanceable, the ID ability of Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations triggers a random meat damage the first run of every turn after the encounter with an advanced piece of ICE is over - the errata on the wording of BoN changed it so that even if the runner bypasses the ICE though various tricks (eg. Inside Job, Femme Fatale, Security Nexus, etc.) that they will still eat the damage. Sometimes these random pings can be game defining. The Cleaners stacks this damage too. This meat damage isn't intended to be fatal to a runner (although I have had a few die on triple advanced Mausoluses).. the intent is just to disrupt the runner's plan by knocking out some nice tools in their hands, or making them plan out a turn not running, allowing Shipment from Tennin to trigger a Project Atlas fast advance play.


Tasty Burgers!

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+60% win rate on Jnet, 50/50 mix of Competitive and Casual lobbies. My most recent change to this was changing Nebula into a Changeling for a 4 str ETR Sentry. Not playing Global Food Initiative as getting a The Cleaners scored doubles down on the disruption plan deep down to the bowels of any runner, even though the agenda would go better with the deck name that I eventually settled on. Possible change in the future is to insert a Cyberdex Virus Suite to help deal with Clot-locks, or adding a Hunter Seeker to be spiteful after losing an agenda. We want our customers eating these shit burgers for life, not getting heart attacks from a major clot in one of their cardiac arteries.

18 Oct 2017 nialbima

Been tweaking something very similar out of BABW for the past few months. It's so much fun!

19 Oct 2017 Wift

What is your reasoning for running tennin over trick of light? It's arguably less conditional and gives 3 extra inf for other possible tech choices.

19 Oct 2017 Snake Eyes

@Wift ToL and SfT cost the same amount of influence.

Main reason why is because I cherish my counters on my ICE to build 'em up strong. (on everything except for the Cosmic ICE). It takes less set up too, ToL you need to spend a 2/3s of a turn advancing ICE. So while you can Fast Advance with less conditions with ToL, it's ultimately a slower tempo'd move since SfT can just fire on any given turn after the runner doesn't successfully run. Off a terrible no ICE opening hand I've used Tenning to fast advance a Project Atlas out of hand before, can't do that with ToL. :D

6 Feb 2018 Rodge

I recently ran this to third place in the Austrian store championship (3-1 in Swiss, 0-1 top cut after getting agenda flooded), and I think it's a superb deck.

I agree with SfT over ToL, in a big way! With shaper being so strong at the minute, they never want to be randomly losing cards - so they don't run every turn (especially if you remember to ICE archives). The SfT condition comes up a lot. Plus, this deck is all about keeping all those nice advancement tokens!

I really wanted to swap on Anonymous Tip to get some kind of advanceable trap - I think next time, I'll swap one for a Junebug. Just so runners don't run with impunity on my scoring server! :)

Great deck, thanks for sharing!