Deep Space: Revised Core +Deluxes

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amanning 45

I love the art and the theme. We are playing with a limited meta of Core + Deluxes. The Space Ice artwork is awesome. It's a bit low on economy and playing with Government Takeover is a major risk. But if you can get things wired up it is lots of fun.

14 Oct 2017 Starscream87

Always had a soft spot for this ID. Nice deck!

15 Oct 2017 hammerdal

With your set of high value agendas, what's the point of Global Food Initiative? I don't see the scenario where having a 5/3 worth only 2 to the runner actually makes a difference, unless you're worried about Notoriety? I think High Risk Investment is better here. Also you know you can only have 1 rezzed Orion, right?

6 Nov 2017 amanning

@hammerdal Thanks for the tip about GFI, I will look to replace that. As for the 1 rezzed Orion, I didn't know that I guess I need to look more closely at that ice. Thanks.