Edward - Nexus BP: The Miners' Hammer

byjarke 151

I have been trying this deck for a while now, and I can say I'm pretty happy with the results on jinteki.net. It's an iteration of my previous Ed deck, but with a twist towards Bad Publicity (I fell in love with Mining Accident... Anarchs siphoning!). Silverbullets and trope just in case, this deck is EXTRA strong against yellow and suffers a bit against jinteki (once the critic and the filter are down though, you're fine). FA is the toughest competition, but with them, you just need to hammer fast and all the time, without letting them time to get rich: report those accidents in the mines, put the protesters in the streets and let everyone know how bad the corp is! BP and traces work so well together, as do the heap-breakers. Have fun!!

(and thanks to all the players on jinteki.net that have helped me tune this with Ideas like Maxwell James, or my now favorite: The Archivist)

11 Oct 2017 esutter479

Wow this looks tasty. :) Literally nothing I would change, except maybe +1 Trope and -1 not-quite-sure-what, lol.

12 Oct 2017 Dazzler

would you make room for an Aumakua ? Seem pretty good with security nexus to bypass the ICE that hates AI.

12 Oct 2017 byjarke

@esutter479 Thanks! I have been having a blast with this! I know the +1 Trope would be awesome... but I can't seem to choose what goes away!! Also, I end up not using trope that much, and if you're set up with Underworld, Data folding and your taps, you don't really need a lot of econ late game.

@DazzlerI thought of it, but influence! the heap breakers also synergize super well with Bad Pub creds, and give me money through Inject, so I like how it works. The turtle could work, but if they purge they get a scoring window.

12 Oct 2017 Dazzler

@byjarke If you need to cut something, I would suggest cutting off 1 of the liberated accounts. Between data folding, mr phones and power taps, I dont think you need that much money.

12 Oct 2017 hsiale

Excluding Nexus (which is big tempo hit early in the game) you have only 3 link cards to enable Underworld Contacts, do you draw them consistently enough?

12 Oct 2017 Snake Eyes

I think you'd have a better time running 3x Rabbit Hole to ensure a good amount of which is essential to your deck concept.

13 Oct 2017 byjarke

@hsiale and @Snake Eyes: I tried Rabbit Hole, it's just so much influence and creds. The way I see it (and what I found playing it) is that Power Taps are also a sort of link (in that they give you creds for traces) as are bad pub creds. All together, it becomes pretty easy to get to the 5 that Nexus requires early in the game. Once you're set up, you're making money using it, but early game, you just need the Archivist/Maxwell and Nexus to work well (+ power tap or BP... you are at 5!). I do draw one of the 3 link cards for underworld contacts consistently too, since I spend the first half of the game drawing a lot! this is not a fast deck, but I don't think Rabbit Hole allows me to speed it up...

16 Oct 2017 Dazzler

I tried this deck, and it is a monster once it's setup. But the setup does takes time. Any tips and tricks to speed up againts FA decks ?

16 Oct 2017 byjarke

@Dazzler I run like crazy forcing to rez (even if it trashes some of the cards I have) and use Ed to slow them on operations, and using Mining Accidents as Siphons. Think of all those Underworld Contacts and Data Foldings as an optional economy you can set up with Trope later on and make sure that they are POOR. That's my only advice. I was thinking Clot, but that barely gives you one turn. trashing their combos is more efficient :)

16 Oct 2017 byjarke

oh, and mulligan if you don't have Earthrise or Inject on your first hand. One option could be including I've Had Worse or other draw cards to speed it up, it's up to your taste I guess!