Knights & Towers: A chain of deals v.1.0 post-rotation/banli

Severijn 516

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. is one of the more weird IDs out there, and this deck is my take on it. I had an earlier version, but refined it into a deck that can really hold its own. Let's go over the plan, the card choices and some tech.

Jemison's ability allows for easy scoring of big agendas, at the cost of smaller ones. Our plan is to walk the chain of agendas. We try to start small and score big ones out of hand. To aid this plan, we rush agendas behind heavy runner harassment. We are more than a rush deck though, since we can retain late game presence.

The most interesting part of Jemison is its suite of agendas. Hostile Takeover and Standoff are the start of the chain. Standoff plays the double role of being a "free" forfeit as well as harassment. I have never seen someone not just give me my money. This is also the better move, considering that we have a lot of redundancy in our installed cards. Project Atlas is a card you want to over-advance in this deck because getting to tutor your chain is really strong. High-Risk Investment and Hades Fragment are the finishers, giving me money and a long-term plan respectively. The Paper Trail is a meta call against the connection based economy by Beth, Aeneas, underworld contacts and so on.

The ice suite is the spiky grail set that is excellent at deterring a runner that isn't fully set-up. Most of our ice destroy programs and with Galahad we also have an end the run on all but the Sappers and Watchtower. Speaking of Watchtower, this is in here because we care about the order we get our agendas in, and it synergizes with grail. You can even get money or another forfeit card if need be.

Where our ice suite kills programs, our operations and corporate town are out to kill the rest of the runner's installed cards. Corporate Town is an expensive to trash fast advance tool that most runners cannot leave on the table lest they lose their economy and spicy tech cards like a film critic. Hunter Seeker is our pick from the restricted list because our ice suite only works if we really keep the runner out of breakers. Ark Lockdown ensures it stays that way.

So how does it play? Well, we have lots of money and our HQ is one of the worst places to run. We do not keep agendas in hand as we can just score them out. Agenda flood is not really a problem. In the post-rotation flood we can even score a 2 advancement agenda as our opening move now that account siphon is gone. Other than that, the runner will have a bad time getting set up, especially if they run only one or two breakers of any type. In case that they go for AI, we can fetch Hortum and advance it or snipe their AI with hunter seekers. The deck is no slouch in the long game either. Team Sponsorship can keep our corporate town or oberth in play because we are going to activate it 5-7 times during the game. Also, do not be afraid to lose 2-3 points to get an atlas with 3 agenda counters on it. Those agenda counters should convert themselves into 2-3 additional points with little effort. This also empties your R&D of agendas.

With that out of the way, let's talk about changes. Currently, I am considering these changes:

-1 Hades Fragment --> +1 High-Risk Investment: I have never needed the recursion of Hades now that I run team sponsorship.

-1 Merlin --> +1 Lancelot: Lancelot is more important to this deck than merlin, and I want another sentry with ETR printed on it. I can reliably cut off one type of breaker, but I do not get to choose which type that is. If I lock them out of decoders, my watchtower can get the hortum or merlin as needed.

-1 Paper Trail --> +1 Armored Servers: While disrupting their resources is nice, I think armored server's ability to keep the runner out for one run might be better in the long-term.