Real Boy (Post Rotation)

Sanjay 2977

spicy tech

Looks like people might found my decks in a data scrape.

I would hate for them to have a competitive advantage over the rest of the field, so in the interest of fairness, here's some of my sweet Worlds tech.

3 Oct 2017 hcook

No psychographics?

4 Oct 2017 Sanjay

Nah, the Ghost Branch is mainly to demoralize the opponent more than anything.

4 Oct 2017 PaJamieez

I was trying to make the same kind of deck! Looks totally different than yours though. I hope you don't mind me trying this out!

5 Oct 2017 Sanjay

@PaJamieezNot at all!

I don't think the deck is reliable or anything, but I have had a decent amount of fun with it. Media Blitz + Puppet Master is a pretty fun thing to have going on.

I probably should have a Hard Hitting News somewhere in the deck, so maybe you can consider that instead of an Exchange or something.