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SillySod 62

Does Eater interact with Aumakua?

If the answer is yes then it could be in contention for best anarch breaker combo. Eater allows you to run aggressively and does a lot of the work that Faust used to do early game. Aumakua is astonishingly efficient mid-late game and you have Eater as a backup in case the corp hits you with CVS mid-run. D4v1d completes the trio and can easily handle any huge ICE that would otherwise be unbreakable or prohibitively expensive.

The rest of the deck is a bit of a rough sketch. I'm guessing that the new meta will see anarchs will making a dash towards some combination of cutlery and econ denial. Potentially this could take the form of Sacrificial Construct, Lamprey, Fester but its pretty hard to make space for that stuff. Maybe the answer is to be less defensive with cards like liberated account and hacktivist meeting and put a laser focus on economic beatdown.

Also, Bhagat might just be the best anarch multi-access card post rotation (which is crazy!).

20 Sep 2017 obscurica

Eater: "You cannot access more than 0 cards for the remainder of this run."

Aumakua: "Whenever you expose a card or access cards..."

You can't load Aumakua off an Eater run, even one that goes into Archives. Similarly, it won't interact with Retrieval Run.

21 Sep 2017 SillySod

Is that definite and ruled in an FAQ? Eater does not state "do not access cards" but instead contains some odd verbage suggesting that you still access cards but are restricted to zero when you do access.

This distinction has never been relevant before but Aumakua makes it relevant.

5 Oct 2017 GcFlash

I had been wondering about this too. From the unofficial faq zero counts as a number:

5 Oct 2017 GcFlash

Add to that the official line is "All" includes zero.