Seidr Box

obscurica 1298

Revisited my attempts at a Seidrcentric lockdown strategy in the face of Strongbox's return in the Revised Core Set. You basically plunk down a scoring remote with Heinlein Grid, Strongbox, and Warroid Tracker, making it costly along three different axis to touch the agendas that you can't simply score out of hand.

Which, since Project Vitruvius is now back into rotation as well, is comparatively few.

Alternatively, the same scoring server can be used to protect MCA Austerity Policy instead: the cost of trashing it while it loads up on power counters is a wrecked boardstate thanks to Warroid Tracker.

Thanks to Crick, Architect, and Seidr Laboratories: Destiny Defined, you can keep recurring the pieces even if the runner goes out of their way to trash them. The real trick is to getting them in-hand in the first place, which is what Psychokinesis is for.

18 Sep 2017 PyWiz

What about Mason Bellamy and/or False Lead as supplemental click-denial cards?

18 Sep 2017 obscurica

@PyWiz I... hm.

I forgot about Mason, come to think of it.