More cards for the Moose God! (with post rotation option)

Cpt_nice 1184

(EDIT: If you want to make this deck post-rotation friendly: -3 Underworld Contacts, + 3 Data Folding and -1 Scrubber, + 1 card worth 1 influence like Process Automation).

Been playing a lot of Sunny lately and this is the deck that has been doing pretty well online. I might take it to a tournament soon. Now, Sunny is traditionally one of the slowest runners in the game, hindered by her expensive console and her big deck size.

How do we solve this? First off, lots of draw power. Sunny is not lacking in influence, so we use cards like Earthrise, Douchebags Wild and Build Script to cycle through our deck fast. Process Automation is also a good include if you want to free up some influence. These draw cards also fill up the heap fast. Why is this important?

Because the Moose demands tribute!

Yeah, while Sunny was never lacking for money once she was set up, Bloo Moose is still an excellent enabler. It turns your draw cards (needed for speed) into cold hard credits, and because Sunny is a 50 card deck you always have plenty of fodder. Cards like Career Fair make Moose (and Daily Casts/Earth Rise) cheap to install while instantly being worth 2 credits in the heap.

Security Nexus is obviously the star of the show, especially once combined with Power Tap, but you run one copy of each of her breakers to deal with other ice. Rabbit Hole is an efficient way to up your link. You can play 3 but I find this is not necessary as 2 + Nexus = 5 link, which is plenty. Sportshopper is a triple threat as it combines Link, anti-kill potential and draw power, depending on what you need at that time.

Your worst match up is Rush decks, which is why I included 1 copy of Legwork and DD Mining for pressure on centrals. Your NBN match up is obviously hilariously easy, but you can also keep up with Asset Spam by just outmoneying them.

All in all, a solid deck for those who love Sunny.

7 Sep 2017 deleriad

I like this style of Sunny deck but I wouldn't feel comfortable about having one-off breakers. Without recursion you are just 1 net damage away from being locked out of a remote. I also prefer Salsette Slums and Jak Sinclair as my anti-asset spam package because you need clicks more than you need money.

7 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

@deleriad I have only once been looked out of a server, and that was against Skorpios. What you can do is add one more Striker, then you have 2 copies of those breakers and you can deal with Sentries by using Nexus + Shrike if you really need it.

11 Sep 2017 Scoogsy

Seems like a reasonably solid deck selection, and I will give it a run :-) Only thing I'd say is Build Scriptis such a bad card. Maybe you could use those few final influence for something else, like a Film Critic or two to help with Jinteki, or even Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power?

11 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

@Scoogsy You can probably change out Scrubber and/or Pol Op for Film Critic. It is def a solid card. Build Script is not a bad card within the context of the deck, as I already tried to explain. I will try to illustrate this again. It gives you a free card and credit for 1 click, so basically it is giving you twice the profit of spending a click. But this is not the best part. Sunny has a huge deck, so you need to go through it fast. You need speed. And that's what this card provides. You could use stuff like Diesel, but that takes up too much influence. Furthermore, 3 build script not only means +3 cards/credits, it also means +6 credits once you have Moose out. That is the reason why they are there.