Loop-ku-go RH (2nd place at S03 E01 of Ogólnopolska Liga)

Krasty 541

This deck I grab for Ogólnopolska Liga Netrunnera - S03 E01. Huge thanks to @Odol for organizing this nice series!
Result was 3:0 so I think it works pretty well! One score out, two murders was result I did not expected before.

Not much to say about playstyle, just: you create server with Loop, Kakugo (+ possible BC) and Void and trying to score out two Obokata Protocols and Gene Splicer in there. So easy isnt it? :o)

Changes: Chrysalis for 2nd Hokusai Grid mostly because Chrysalis seems broken on Jnet this days and it did not much work. Hok-Grid is just awsome in this deck, even if it is nonbo with Void.

Possible changes: just let discussion open! Feel free to ask anything...
Ok, I will start: Lot of people asking me "why not to use this in Pālanā?"
I think today is meta so fast and 44 cards is better than 49. Specialy when you need to have one more agenda, but runner needs to steal 3 agendas against both decks. Also you find faster yours necessary pieces, so as runner fastly and easily "find" your Snare!s.

26 Oct 2021 5N00P1

Finding Snares! is my special ability....

26 Oct 2021 Krasty

@5N00P1: This super-ability belongs to the bravest heroes!
In this deck, you makeing it super easy: in 2 of yesterdays games I hold 2 Snare!s in HQ almost all game... :o)

26 Oct 2021 Longi

Hey budy, congrats! Nice performance for a deck you just invented and took for testing. My sugestion is to add more codegates to force the breakers, namely third Aiki. It has amazing cost/benefit ratio compared to Tithe.

Also, nice metacall, given the fact that there were three Maxx in top6.

27 Oct 2021 Krasty

Yeah swaping Aiki for Tithe seems like good addition. I just wanted to try Tithe. But is true, that it is a piece of cake for Bukhgalter. Must be said, that those ICEs in current meta could be as Hippo protection, so question is if it matters...

27 Oct 2021 rex_monolith

Konjin might be good here.

28 Oct 2021 zmb

What issues did you experience with Chrysalis? I saw a runner complaining about not being able to trash it, but he realized he had to wait for the Conduit dig to end before he was able to do it

29 Oct 2021 Krasty

@zmb: it totally broke game (twice!) ... once helped "undo click", second one we need to close game... :o(
@rex_monolith: I was thinikg about Konjin, but it doesnt fit.... but I think, I will try this shiny boy... :o)

1 Nov 2021 Glenn214

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3 Nov 2021 wedgeex

How did Subliminal Messaging work out for you? It seems like something you might want 2 copies of - synergizes with several cards and is a reliable face down for Restoring Humanity.

4 Nov 2021 Krasty

@wedgeex: it is awsome, but do you find free slot for second copy? I am not able to do it....

5 Nov 2021 ptc

@wedgeex Why is SM a reliable face down? Do you mean when used as Hansei/Anoetic fodder?