Weird Ice Yankovic

Enchart 9

This is a new experiment. After many losses cards and ice combos have become more familiar and earned me couple of victories in row.

So the All-Seeing I is for tag-me decks. Chronos Project (&Bifrost Array) are for countering Levy AR lab accesses. Howlers are great bluff ICEs and they (as well as ID speciality) give reason to discard Bioroids. Cerebral Overwriter and Thomas Haas are nice advancable traps. All other is mainly ICE synergies. Neural Katana can be tripled with Wormhole and Loki etc.

This is still easy deck to lose but games can get very intresting and every game gives me new ideas and combos.

Also my first deck here

2 Sep 2017 GuyBuddyFriend

best name ever