Keep yer bloody assets! (GENCON 5-2)

analogBrad 170

Ed Kim went 5-2 at Gen Con. Finished 39th overall as my Jemison had a pretty bad time. One loss was a faceplant into an out of faction Brainstorm with 6 cards in hand. The other loss never saw Paperclip.

Ed won matches against AgInf, Builder of Nations, Jemison, Sync, and Titan. Lost to NEH and AgInf.

It turns out that operations are good cards, and it felt nice trashing them. Here are some noteworthy Ed Kim victims: Friends, 24/7, Audacity, Hedge, Restructure, Hunter Seeker, Biotic, etc. And these don't even include Maw and Hacktivist hits. Ed was looking for a fight with CI, but never happened.

He takes some time to set up. But Hacktivist Meeting, Gang Sign, Aeneas, Maw buy Ed some time in most matches. Multiple Mediums with Aeneas really funds the runs. Got all three Mediums up twice. Use Inversificator to get sentries off of R&D. Some matches never had the chance for Vamp cause the money isn't gushing, but if the corp goes low you can keep'em down for a couple of turns. If the Corp gets the right draw, though, it can sometimes score agendas without any cards in HQ. And that makes gangsta' Ed sad.

21 Aug 2017 skydivingninja

Take a favorite. Looks pretty great!

14 Sep 2017 Critical Brian

I tweaked this for post-rotation and had a couple of casual games last night - first time playing Kim and it was a blast. I swapped in some Turning Wheels, a Wanton Destruction, a Clot and a Darwin for the rotated cards, it didn't do too badly, including a win against PE where I had no cards in hand or in the stack and stole the last 2 points I needed on a Future Perfect psi-game. Thanks for posting the deck!

14 Sep 2017 analogBrad

Sweet, CB! If Turning Wheel was a virus and not unique, I think it would actually be what Medium should have been. I've actually been have decent R&D pressure with Top Hat. Guessing you dropped one gang sign? Although Aeneas works well with Maw, it was really there to fund expensive R&D runs with multiple Mediums installed. Was Aeneas able to do enough work with the Wheel? Wanton was my 46th card. It doesn't interact well with the rest of the deck, but it was the perfect end game play with loaded mediums on click three to set up a huge click four when a purge was sure to come next turn.

14 Sep 2017 Critical Brian

I kept the gang signs, but I might reduce down - I did play three Jinteki decks, though, which makes them a slight liability, so may test against someone else first! Aeneas didn't do a lot, earnt me a few credits here and there but because TW is one-shot and irregular it didn't have quite as much impact as it did in The Old Days (tm). Rotation is really interesting, I'd love to see what you do if you update this deck!